Tuesday, June 20, 2006

House of Bishops take up discussion of Windsor - Gene Robinson speaks to the House on Windsor

Out of blue the bishops are discussing how to handle Windsor. Gene Robinson is speaking to the House of Bishops.

The bishop wants to stay in the Communion. But he says he can't do so at the expense of his own integrity or the integrity of gays and lesbians who might be called to be bishops. He thinks that they can serve as bishops in the church - people the "spirit" might just be calling to ministry. So he says that he agonized over two conflicting desires. How can I vote no that removes gays and lesbians from the Episcopal gene pool and still stay in communion with the Anglicans? he asks. I fear we have allowed forces outside this church that will predetermine the answer and that they are being trapped into a question. He says Jesus reframed the answer in a different context. Questions that they are not the right questions or the solutions are wrong. He sees the Windsor Report as the "Beginning of a conversation." (Note: But the Windsor Report is clear that this is not what it is). This bishop wants to have his cake and eat it too.

"What would be wrong with telling the truth to the Communion that we are not one mind on this?" Robinson asks. "We are not of a mond and I doubt we can come to a mind. Why can't we just say that and let it be?"

Robinsons says he can't vote for any resolution that excludes anyone, he says, and so he won't.


Linda McMillan said...

Indeed they should just tell the truth. Not only is TEC clearly not of one mind but the prohibition of GL bishops is against our constitution. We don't discriminate based on sexual orientation for purposes of discernment. The de facto prohibition of GL people for the episcopate does just that. Anyone who votes for 161 votes against the constitution of TEC.
Linda McMillan
Austin, Texas

Anonymous said...

Thats Gene's problem(amoung his many problems), and the main problem with all the apostate liberals in ECUSA. They think its something seperate from the Anglican Communion.

The way they're going, though, ECUSA is also completely removed from anything resembling Christianity, too...

RFSJ said...

Actually, the WR *is* a process. I quote directly from the Forward of the WR, by ++Eames: "This Report is not a judgement. It is part of a process. It is part of a pilgrimage towards healing and reconciliation. The proposals which follow attempt to look forward rather than merely to recount how difficulties have arisen. A large majority of the submissions received by the Commission have supported the continuance of the Anglican Communion as an instrument of God's grace for the world.: