Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Martyn Minns elected missionary bishop by Church of Nigeria; will lead 'Convocation for Anglicans in North America' (CANA)

Martyn Minns elected missionary bishop by Church of Nigeria; will lead 'Convocation for Anglicans in North America' (CANA)

FAIRFAX, VA, June 28, 2006, 1:00 p.m.—The Rev. Canon Martyn Minns, Rector of Truro Church in Fairfax City, Virginia, was elected today as a "missionary bishop" of the Convocation for Anglicans in North America (CANA) by the House of Bishops of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). CANA was created by the Church of Nigeria as a mission to meet the needs of Anglican Nigerians in the wake of the revisionist actions of the Episcopal Church USA at its last triennial General Convention in 2003. In his role of missionary bishop Canon Minns will provide oversight to the pastors of CANA congregations.

Canon Minns, age 63, has been the rector of Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia, since 1991. He was informed today of his election by the Most Rev. Peter J. Akinola, Primate of the Church of Nigeria.

In a telephone call this morning, Minns simply said, “The Church of Nigeria is a thriving church with millions of new members in recent years, and Archbishop Akinola, as Time magazine recently reported, is a strong leader for Christian orthodoxy. I’m truly humbled by the trust placed in me to serve as a bishop within this branch of the Anglican Communion at this critical time.”

Foreign-born bishops are not unusual. Virtually any parish priest may be elected a bishop by any province or diocese. “Missionary opportunities must not be lost and missionary bishops could be leaders in mission from everywhere to everywhere,” was the sentiment expressed by the African Anglican Bishops Conference in 2004.

Canon Minns and his senior warden Mr. Jim Oakes were in Richmond, VA, this morning for a meeting with the Right Rev. Peter Lee, Bishop of Virginia. At that meeting they debriefed with Bishop Lee about the denomination’s recently held General Convention 2006 which was held in Ohio. They also informed the bishop about Truro’s "40 Days of Discernment”© program, a congregation-wide reflection this fall to help decide Truro's future.

Canon Minns received news of the election this morning shortly after having met with Bishop Lee. Upon receiving the telephone call from Nigeria, Minns immediately phoned the bishop to tell him of his election. Bishop Lee expressed his appreciation for the call and his hope that Minns would continue to serve as rector until his successor was in place. They agreed that fulfilling both roles would be unusual and to talk further.

A special meeting of the Truro vestry has been called for this evening where this development will be discussed. With the approval of the Truro vestry, Minns plans to remain rector of Truro until a search process for a new rector is complete. He indicated he would serve as missionary bishop without remuneration while he remains at Truro.

Jim Oakes, senior warden of Truro’s lay-elected board, said, “Nigeria’s selection of Martyn, quite frankly, couldn’t be a better one. I don’t know of any other Episcopal priest who has such a long track record of hands-on ministry and mission partnerships with the Global South. I am really glad for him. And, I look forward to working with Bishop Lee as Truro completes its search for a new rector.”


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And now the Diocese of Pittsburgh has Dissociated itself from TEC, and the Diocese of South Carolina has applied to the Archbishop of Canterbury for alternative oversight. The floodgates are opening. . . .

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What are your feelings on +Minns becoming a Bishop? Is he still going to be at Truro? You are doing a great job, by the way.

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Yeah, I should have said that also. Great job you are doing. I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. Great job.

Two songs running through my head all day: "The times, they are a'changin'" the simple line -- "You know somethin's happenion' but you don't know what it is, do you, Mister Jones"