Sunday, June 25, 2006

"GC 2006 and Beyond" Photos of the Day

Notice that if you wish to stand in the center you're going no where except to stand in the you know what. As Dylan said, there is no left or right, only up or down.

I think I'd rather head up than go down.

"There is no left or right, there is only up and down....and I'm just tryin to go up"......Bob Dylan


Milton Finch said...

Yay! We can talk now!

"Then" is a word that shows a time frame of a sort. I will go here...then I will go there.

"Than" is a word that aims a person towards understanding of one over another. I like this more than that.

You may wish to change the caption under the heavenly picture to say that you would rather head up than down. It is reading that you may not like it in the up area so you would later choose to head down. I know your heading up...that is plain for all to see.

You did a wonderful job of getting the news out in real time. We are so happy that you are on our side of this great divide!

GL+ said...

Is that 1st picture a representation of "conjoined twins?" Just joking. Seriously, thanks for picking up the ball when Stand Firm AND TitusOneNine all went down at the same time. Those of us not in Columbus were dying!

PS - Also glad to hear you're a MAC person. Go Apple!

BabyBlue said...

Milton - thanks! Fixed.