Wednesday, June 21, 2006

London Times Ruth Gedhill: "It's a Girl and Jesus is her Mother"

It's a girl, and Jesus is her Mother.

Ruth Gledhill of the London Times writes this morning following the sermon delivered by the new Presideing Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori where she said "Our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation ..." Also, new pink buttons have appeared in the halls of General Convention today that say "It's a girl!. (See Mike Daley's photo). I made the mistake of the saying to the first person I saw wearing it "Congratulations - is she your granddaughter?).

Here's what Ruth has to say this morning from London: 'Clearly, things are going to be lively with Bishop Schori in the Chair. In her very first sermon, delivered this morning at GenCon,she has managed to say: "Our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation and we are his children." She then goes on to say it is time to give up fear. Well if she was looking for a way to provoke fear, she has found it, although it doesn't frighten me. After I stopped laughing, I just began to feel just a little tired. I can already see tomorrow's headlines, and envisage the shape my working life is going to take over the next nine years of her primacy. Sometimes, I just wish The Episcopal Church were not so predictable. What's it going to be this Christmas in America. Christamass? Anglican Mainstream has posted the full sermon. And of course she is within the current doctrine of The Episcopal Church, as my posting on the recent "Pray to Mother Jesus" liturgy demonstrates amply.'

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GCL said...

We might want to recall that the image of Jesus as mother comes from Julian of Norwich.