Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bishops Continue Speaking on Windsor

John Bruno now takes the floor of the House of Bishops talking about Windsor. "If we did this first part down to line 22 and then inserted the Special Commission's report and then amend it ... exercise extreme caution in all the steps of our process. He says that it would be meeting the 'sense" of the request and not the word of the request.' (BabyBlueNote: Isn't this what kids do when they try to make deals with their parents after they get caught doing something wrong?.

Bishop now speaking that A162 can not receive it in its present form - they cannot deal with it according to their own rules. If they amend it or develop a Mind of the House - taking into consideration what John Howe, Gene Robinson, and Jon Bruno has said.

Indianpolis Bishop - "I think that we've come to a point where we've heard over and over that anything other than certain language is going to be unacceptable and that clearly had not enough weight with the House of Deputies to allow it to pass. I agree with John Howe that it's important to send we are not of one mind in this church." She would like to do a Mind of the House resolution. Does not want to hang out gays and lesbians out to dry and also send message to Communion that it's only Convention that speaks for the Episcopal Church.

Newark Bishop - Mind of House interested in something that suggests that they have worked very hard with it. They are taking the Windsor Process (NOTE FROM BABY BLUE: There's that American word again - process. They think it's a process, and it's not a process).

Next Bishop - wants to talk about General Convention and gays and lesbians. Thinks that the minds who know how to do legislative manuevering so they can get another resolution that starts in bishops and goes back to the deputies. He wants the deputies to get the sense of urgency in dealing with Windsor.

Next Bishop - Milwauke - picked up on Gene Robinson's remarks and tells the story of accepting and rejecting of terms. Wants to be as close to the language of Windsor as possible. A second piece is that ECUSA might be wrong. This bishop needs to go back with something.

Next Bishop - Suffragan at Pittsburgh - Wants to have clarity. Wants to have honesty that we're not all agreement and we won't get there by 7:00 p.m.

Bishop Duncan - is asking for honesty from the House of Bishops. That the church says it cannot agree and tell the Communion this would be honest. We've been told that only General Convention can speak to this. If one House says one thing and another says something else, how can that be understood?

Next Bishop speaks - questions whether they are not in agreement with the Senior House. He thinks that they may all the of one mind. But if they do not address directly they can't say they are not of one mind.

Bishop from West Texas - talks about building this fragile coalition of bishops that would come together for the good of the church and the communion - many dioceses need for something to say something strong. Fears we won't have any more conversations at the Table. See where we are and where we go from here.

Next Bishop - from Southwest Florida - Talks about "Set Our Hope on Christ." Doesn't think they are seeing the same vision at the end of the road. Thinks that it came to the wrong conclusion (NOTE FROM BB: Is he talking about the Windsor Report?). He doesn't think God didn't do anything new, but just the possiblity to two experiments of two kinds of Christianity going on side by side (BB NOTE: AAHHH!). He then thanks Gene for his honesty. He says he can't be where "you are." He said they haven't been able to find out if they can be at the same place. Says they are be asked to do what they don't want to do. Said his diocese accepted the Windsor Report. Said "This is what we have to do" to move the process ahead. Anything short of accepting Windsor will put the new PB at the table. Perhaps it's time for the House of Bishops to take leadership. Calls on the House to adopt the Windsor Report and say we want to be in the Anglican Communion - wants to make hard decisions and be honest. "We have sat for four hours today doing absolutely nothing. There were hundreds of children who died in Uganda during that time. It's time we quit debating and getting on the work of the gospel. I want to move that this house adopt the Windsor Report and send a message to the Senior House and ask them to join us to walk together as Anglicans and Episcopalians."

Griswold asks to hold that until he has had a chance to address the house.

Next Bishop - Northern Michigan - Doesn't think polity is a light thing and that leadership comes from both houses, Deputies and Bishops. Hopes that it won't be a monologue. Talking about current resolution and said that his chancellor approached him with the canons and said "Mr. Title III:I Section II) about access to ministry. (NOTE FROM BB: The canons talk about orientation, not behavior - very different). Doesn't agree with moritorium and calls it "out of order."

Bishops vote to continue discussion.

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