Friday, January 18, 2008

Small Town

As some may know, the case now before the Fairfax Circuit Court regarding the vote of eleven churches in Virginia to separate from the Diocese of Virginia is now in the hands of the judge, Randy Bellows, and we now wait for his decision.

So tonight I head out to the local Chinese restaurant to meet My Brother the Methodist and his family for dinner. It's a sparsely filled room tonight - most Friday night patrons seem to be doing the take-out. As I come through the door, I look to find my family but I see someone else instead.

The Suffragan Bishop of Virginia, the Rt. Rev. David Jones, is looking right at me from his table in the center of the room. Does he recognize me? I smile weakly, somewhat shocked, lifting a hand to wave hesitantly, as I did back on the plane to New Orleans. I haven't seen him since the three days in the Fairfax Court House back in November and certainly not since he voted with the Title IV Committee. He looks away.

At the same time, my niece and nephew now spot me from their table behind his and joyfully proclaim my arrival to the entire restaurant with such enthusiasm I am sure they can be heard all the way to Richmond. I just want to hide behind the potted palm.

So tonight we dedicate this song in honor of one of the largest counties in the United States, because even though it may have over a million residents, some times it's just a small town.

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RSchllnbrg said...

Know exactly what you mean sis ... been there (well, not at that resataurant, but you get the idea).

Alice C. Linsley said...

I had a similar experience in a rural town in KY. I went to dinner at a small restaurant (only 5 tables) with my boss and his wife. We were escorted to a table, and there across from us was the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Lexington. Someone who I once regarded as a friend. Very uncomfortable as I has recently been inhibited by her boss, Bishop Sauls.

Kevin said...

I'm very sure this was an extremely awkward moment for both.

While I still retain some respect for +Jones, I must say that he is the one who kept it awkward!

I speak from experience (as being the guilty one) and will use this moment to offer a little praise to Baby Blue. I've been deeply hurt institutions Baby Blue holds dear and by people she calls friends. I've expressed the depth of anger here and in private emails. I've been a royal pain in the butt at times. Yet Baby Blue has responded and always tried to bring a reconciliation or a peace.

I am on this blog or any blog, basically because of her. The sanest thing for me was to leave a very unhealthy abusive/neglecting situation, not once but twice. Yet that leaves friends behind, so I began to keep in touch ... but again I've not always been the best "customer" or the easiest at the cafe.

Despite the law suits, despite actions on different committees or whatever, I speak from confidence of my own experience that the estrangement is more from +Jones' side than Baby Blue's.

I am sorry for the reminder of the brokenness, I know you did what you could do.