Saturday, January 19, 2008

Live from Mad City

COLUMBIA, MD--We're here live at Mad City for the Songwriters Showcase. Back in 1973 (yep, Richard Nixon was president) I walked Hale Junior High School and met Kathy Stanley, now an accomplished songwriter and performer. In our quest to learn our new camcorder, we're here at "Mad City," a very cool coffee shop that serves Kona Coffee. Kathy's going to be up soon and we'll see what sort of video we can get. She's an awesome songwriter. Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Straight from the BBCam, here's a performance of "You'll Do," By Kathy Stanley:

Next up: More from Ray Remesh & Loose Change performing Driftwood:

The following is off the iSight camera, but we'll have the concert off of the Trust BabyBlue Camcorder tomorrow. But this was downloaded right from the venue. Stay tuned. It's great to have friends that last through decades of one's life, even thirty five years. You just never know.

Here's Ray Remesh and Loose Change - they were great!

LATER: And finally, Kevin Stanley joins his mom in their song, "Fading Away." And with that, we bid you goodnight. We'll dedicate this one to Mr. Fry, erstwhile Social Studies Teacher of San Diego's Hale Junior High, circa 1974 - and to all the members of "Rent A Mob." You know who you are.

You'll Do ©Kathy Stanley & Sara Storey; Hideaway ©Kathy Stanley & Marc-Alan Barnette; Fading Away ©Kathy Stanley & Kevin Stanley


Anonymous said...

Both videos are no longer available

Unknown said...

Yes, I think they are still there. I'm sitting in Starbucks and they are coming up here.


Anonymous said...

One thing I have found for using my video cam & also still camera is using a tripod. it helps me to have steady shots and still move as required.

Unknown said...

Yes, it's on the list. I'm looking for a very small "table top" variety and haven't found one yet, just the traditional tripods (and in my family, tripods are like sacred objects that always are brought with care to family gatherings where we are not permitted to leave the gathering until the family photo is completed. This includes the ceremonial "Setting Up the Tripod" activity which often causes mirth to break out. Helps to get the Family smiling, though, for the photo-op). So am in the market for a miniature tripod to setup on the tabletop.

By the way, one of the cafe's regulars was a member of "Rent a Mob." I am very very happy to see him posting today on one of the other threads, though his humor is = shall we say - a bit edgy. Still, very happy. In his honor, we're sending round buckets of butterbeer for all who are still hanging about.

And here's to all the teachers of Hale Junior High. We did listen after all.


Robbie said...

Would that be Mr. stephen Fry you're referring to? The social studies teacher who threw chalk, erasers and staplers at disruptive students? I was hit by a stapler once! Mot because I was disruptive, but because I didn't duck fast enough to dodge an errant toss!


Kevin said...

Mr. Stephen Fry -- er ... just checking, that Mr Fry would not have gone by "Digital Watch" in the late 1980's (or a "Jake" of the Blues Brothers). Far fetched, but the subject matter would fit.


Good to see little coffee shops again. DC used to have so many when I was going up but sadly big building or big corporations took many of the local artist venues.