Saturday, January 05, 2008

BabyBluePodcast: On the Road to the Sudan

The latest BabyBlue Podcast is now up. The focus on this episode is the Sudan. The podcast features an interview with Jim Oakes, a member of the board of Five Talents International, and just back from the Sudan. Jim has traveled widely and often on short-missions for Five Talents, including to Uganda and Rwanda. This is his second trip to the Sudan and as he tells us in the interview, it was one of the most challenging missions he’s ever been on. Listen to his story.

The mission of Five Talents centers on fighting poverty, creating jobs and transforming lives by empowering the poor in developing countries using innovative savings and microcredit programs, business training and spiritual development.

You can click on the player above or go to iTunes and download it to your iPod or computer. The iTunes Podcast is called BabyBlueOnline. You can also click here.

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Anonymous said...

The faithful and courageous Archbishop of the Sudan, Joseph Marona has stepped down from office, two years ahead of schedule, due to ill health.

Here is my prayer for Joseph from January 13, 2005:

Dear People of God,

I ask your prayers for Joseph Marona , the primate of the Anglican church in Sudan.
Joseph Marona was born in 1941, in the year when the first two Sudanese were ordained. He graduated with a certificate from Yei Teachers Training College in 1958 after which he worked as an Arabic language primary school teacher. While in exile in Uganda from 1966 to 1973 he continued as a teacher and obtained two diplomas of education and a diploma in communication and history from Makerere University. After the Addis Ababa Peace Agreement he returned to the Sudan becoming Deputy head of Yei Primary School and later headmaster of Tore Primary School. He was ordained in 1982 and while head of the department of Christian education and training at the Maridi Teacher Training Institute he translated the scriptures into his Baka language. In 1984 he was made the first bishop of the diocese of Maridi and in the house of Bishops served as secretary of the Episcopal Council. He has served as chairman of the New Sudan Council of churches and founded the Chaima Theological College in his diocese. In 1997 he was awarded a masters degree in systematic theology and Bible knowledge and later a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Freelanda University USA. The University of Saskatchewan also awarded him a Diploma in Spirituality. He has written a number of books including a short history of the church of the Sudan. In 1999 he became Dean and acting Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan

In the Faith once delivered to the Saints,

Rolin Bruno

Anonymous said...

When signing the statement of the Anglicans of the Global South in February of 2004, Joseph expressed his grief over those led astray by the situation in the Anglican Communion, saying "We have failed to guard the purity of God's Church," calling this period "one of the darkest times in human history," and mourning the failure of the Episcopal Church to adhere to scripture. He said that our situation has made the Anglican Communion a "laughing-stock... on the lips of millions of people all over the world," and asked forgiveness from God on behalf of fellow Primates and Bishops who have welcomed the practice of homosexual acts.