Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Night at the Cafe

Okay, so the "agenda" is out for the Lambeth Conference and I read through it and for some reason, Jefferson Airplane came to mind. Maybe Rowan is a hippie after all. The Lambeth Conference agenda reads like a "Be In." Groovy, man - like, farout. Chase those rabbits.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes: "Keep your head."

As much as we lament those who have lost their head here in the USA, we have not yet given up our lives, as one of my brothers in South Asia did earlier this month.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the words of RW et al are like ingesting some kind of mind-altering substance or listening to someone who has done or is doing so.

After enduring their 'Listening Process' (TM) I have to go to the Real Word to clear my head.

Actually, I have decided (for my body, soul and spirit's sake) to abstain from reading the toxic disorienting words coming from RW or other 'so-called' Windsor and non-Windsor bishops.