Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tory Baucum: Ministry of Failed Expectations


Kevin said...

This sermon is missing something, like the Gospel. It's a very affirming sermon, but a bit business meeting-ish.

In one sense I feel bad for saying this because this meant something to you to post it, but I did appreciate +Minns' approach of each sermon needed to contain the Gospel message (repentance, Atonement, transformation). I don't think this presentation of Jesus is accurate for he constantly disciplined his disciples, in fact this reading stops right when Jesus has a tone change to a instructive rebuke that is not captured. The hope of any discipline is to prepare for the second Advent, something I fear this message was lacking.

Methinks I did better with "The Danger of Christmas without Advent."

Kevin said...

Okay, maybe too much egg nog at the company Christmas party ... I distinctly remember a whimsical reply from BB before I left the office and it took me all day to think of an appropriate come back ... then via magic of privileges ... poof it's gone ...

BB will know, "I tried that once, but I got better [*wink*]"