Tuesday, December 04, 2007

John Guernsey: How to pray

Great sermon by John Guernsey, now one of the bishops in the Anglican District of Virginia and for the wider Anglican Church in mission from the Anglican Province of Uganda. Please take the time to listen - this is a must-listen. He opens with his testimony on the early negotiations with the Diocese of Virginia over their church property, All Saints, Dale City"

Tip of the TinFoil to StandFirm and St. Peter's Anglican, Tallahassee.

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Kevin said...

Why I'm not surprised Matt Kennedy, on the Calvinist side, chose to post the one he did and you, more from the Methodist, chose the one you did.

Now, Scripture references each have their counter points, Saul would be the blessing on Judea, Issac would be prophesy of Jacob even though Issac loved Esau ...

Some things are bilateral promises and some are unilateral!

I'd never challenge the need for prayer, but there are theological distinctive that I disagree very much with the purpose and methodology. It's a relationship and prayer is certainly important.

I'd agree more with snot-nose deacon "is it one who striven with God or is it God striven" than the bishop's 'pray in the blessing' (warning Tommy doesn't have an economy of words [long, even for our standards]). I think better captures the reality of life, not man center but not man exclusive fatalism either.