Friday, December 07, 2007

CANA Council Votes on Common Cause

Herndon, VA - We're taking a short break at Starbuck's during the CANA Council meeting. Delegates are here from all oer the country - from Texas to California to New England to the Midwest to the South - delegates have gathered for this Council. How different this is from Council's I've attended in the past. For example, after each session the council breaks out in acapella song of worship - with parts! - and just lifts all we've learned up as a prayer. Way cool. We've heard some great teaching, but the big moment today was when the CANA Council voted to ratify the Common Cause Partnership and the Common Cause Theological Statement. We haven't heard the results of the vote yet, but once we do I'll post them. Eight other members of the Common Cause Partnership have all ready ratified the statement.

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Unknown said...

Mary, thanks for the update.

Just in case you weren't aware, CANA already has +Martyn's Council address posted, and Kendall has linked it over at T19.