Monday, December 10, 2007

Archbishop of York cuts up his Anglican collar during TV interview and vows not to wear a collar again until Zimbabwe is free from horrific dictator

Tip of the tinfoil to Greg at StandFirm.

It's all here. Here's more on the story from the BBC.

I remember when Dr. Sentamu spoke in Columbus 2006 to the Open Hearing of the General Convention Special Committee that was charged with addressing the Windsor Report. It was a huge surprise - he was just standing in line for the mic like everyone else. But when he started to speak everything stopped. He was forceful, eloquent, and firm for biblical orthodoxy. He also ran over the time limit - and there was nothing the GC time keepers could do about it. It was awesome. God bless him. Pray for the freedom from terror for Zimbabwe.


Andy said...

I wanted to give the Arch Bishop a standing ovation after listening to this interview!! I pray the LORD propsper ++Sentamu. Imagine if his chair were moved to that Cathedral in Canterbury?

Kevin said...

Careful what you ask for Andy.

+Sentamu is a wonderful man, a godly man, he has a sense of humor the time I heard him, however, he has been critical of Ormobi for the US interventions. So in some ways he might have done a better job leading that could have had a positive impact, in others he may have hindered more than ++Williams.

Still good show on his stand for Zimbabwe!!!!!! That I certainly applaud him.