Tuesday, July 24, 2007

“The love between them was wholly spiritual; after her death Dante realised she was more alive than ever.” -Dante Alighieri

Years ago I took a sabbatical in London and did some studying on the
Pre-Raphaelite movement while I was there. I bought a copy of this print from the Tate, which still hangs in my home.

Looks like we will need to re-explore Dante and his Beatrice in regards to this new book by J.K. Rowling - and that's all we'll say for now.


PM UPDATE: We're created a special blog just to post Deathly Hallows related stuff while folks are still reading the book. We'll post the link again, but here it is. The blog is called "Shell Cottage" and we're just getting started.

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Kevin said...

Oh, I'm interested.

Not that I know anything about J.K. Rowling's latest book, but like Mr. Rossetti, I have a passion for redhead ...

However have nasty habit ... they tend to just play with my mind (trust me, brunettes are a lot safer) but I have a print copy of La Ghirlandata hanging in my office (odd story how fine art ends up in construction).

However, you could also be referencing the other Dante, as she escorts Mr. Alighieri through into his journeys.

Yeap, I told you, redhead are captivating and dangerous!

(I would thing you would be safer, with the given name in the middle, as the second item is those early letters {mine happen to 'red' and "A" but that BB thing has me worried ... [*Big Grin*])