Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Point

Came home to find a rainbow - a complete rainbow - over the entrance to where I live. What else could I do but smile.


Anonymous said...

It was glorious wasn't it? I stood in the rain and just stared at it for the longest time. A couple times, I though I saw a faint image as though it was trying to become a double on the left side.
I've seen darker & brighter, but not few complete like that.

I LOVE rainbows.

My daddy was an architect. The day after he died (it was January - not so many rainbows that time of the year), we were driving home to SC. Around Lynchburg we saw rainbow BLOCKS! Just parts of a rainbow broken up to look like building blocks. I'd neever seen anything like that before and have never seen such since. My husband commented, "Heaven must have a new architect...."

Unknown said...

That's so wonderful you saw it too! ;-) It was amazing - and the moment couldn't have been more perfect.