Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Anonymous said...

Sounds dark to me.
PS Ever seen the documentary/movie Gray Gardens?

BabyBlue said...

No, pm - what is Gray Gardens about?


By the way, this song is by Bob Dylan.

Mark Harris said...

bb really fine version. I can't imagine you as a without light, and therefore presume you are well.

"It's not dark yet, but it's getting there" may be the sense of the moment, but for all of us who live in the Light, this is all a momentary shadow.

Meanwhile, should it be that we come to live in two different houses, perhaps tea or better yet strong dark coffee, might continue to be an occasion for meeting, and a hope.

Thanks for posting the song.

BabyBlue said...

Thank you, Mark, for your post. I guess it may be coffee after all. Felt like this song - which I first heard on the "Songs Inspired by the Passion of the Christ" album and turned me on to Dylan - still captures the feeling I have of the division. I do not share a sense of triumphalism (though I do have confidence in Jesus), but it's still grievous to see the division deepening. I am torn between the idealist and the realist. Do you know what I mean?


RSchllnbrg said...


Optimist: Someone who sees the glass as half full.

Pessimist: Someone who sees the glass half empty.

Realist: Someone who says "It is what it is."

Episcopalian: Looks at the glass and says, "looks like three fingers to me."

BabyBlue said...


Anam Cara said...

Funny, as the mother of 4, I always thought of myself as a realist. but that I say is, " sooner or later, someone has to wash that glass - and it will probably be me."