Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, America


Anonymous said...

I like The Star Spangled Banner sung as it is written.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BB. Despite the somewhat ridiculous setting (the Stupor Bowl), I still think Ms. Houston's rendition of our National Anthem is the best I have ever heard - and it happened in my hometown of Tampa, FL: the Emerald City, the Midwest with Palm Trees, etc.! Have a wonderful 4th. BJM3

Anonymous said...

Ms Houston - not my first choice to render the National Anthem, but a good performance .

As I listened to the reading of the Declaration of Independence, I was struck by the parallels of the relationships between the king and the colonioes and between TEC and the departing churches.

I am also reminded that many of the signers of the Declaration lost their fortunes and some their lives before the rewards of the struggle were realized. We, on the other hand, have our reward assured - not by our actions but by God's grace.


Unknown said...

The Whitney Houston performance of the National Anthem during for the Super Bowl Persian Gulf war actually ended up overshadowing the game itself. Her interpretation of the National Anthem - straightforward, honest, enthusiastic, and joyful - you can see the audience reacting in the middle of the performance. It's a truly amazing presentation and watching it live that day, I never forgot it.


Kevin said...

Turning the conversation away from Whitney for a second (though I think she did a nice job), did anyone else have to memorize and recite the whole Declaration of Independence in school to instantly notice that they began in the middle of the first paragraph but impressed they did the rest in this reading?