Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shell Cottage

Knowing that many are still reading the book, we've found Shell Cottage to go to and post updates and thoughts and other such things on the new book by J.K. Rowling. It's brand new and basically a place to go to while the reading continues. It's Spoiler City Central, so go there only when you are finished with the book to avoid the unveiling of the surprises (including where Shell Cottage gets its name). You will see that we're working through the Christian themes of love, sacrifice, resurrection, transformation, and redemption. We will also find the literary themes explored - as well as a video or two (or three) that we find at YouTube. Looks like we were not the only ones posting YouTube videos on the night of the book's release - there are literally videos made all over the world now up on YouTube that were made that night or in the days that followed.

We have favorite places to visit and some of the postings we make at those places will also be posted at Shell Cottage. Among our favorites is HogwartsProfessor and The Leaky Cauldron's forums (called the Leaky Lounge) and Sword of Gryffindor, as well as HP Progs. We know that many will be writing essays and creating artwork and ones that catch our eye will also find their way to Shell Cottage.

That way we can still keep an eye on the canons here. One never knows when those canons are about to blow.

NOTE: For those who did catch the videos (and they really are more podcasts than videos since the videos look like I was actually feeling by midnight that night) - "Lily" and "James" did indeed have a baby boy yesterday. Congratulations to Lief and Meghan! And to Joshua - who loved his mother so much he let her go the party and get her book before he made his debut.


Kevin said...

Well, I suppose I can excuse Lief & Meghan for not showing up at the Auld Shebeen for the fund raiser ... but you, BB ...

Seriously, CONGRATS to the happy parents!

May the Lord give the parents courage, patience and wisdom to raise Joshua up in the Lord and may Joshua never know a day apart from Him.

(Well, BB, I'm not sure how much funds were raised for the trip, but we sure had a lot of fun, my team was second).

Unknown said...

Alas, BB was at the Vestry meeting ...

Kevin said...

That's no excuse, you were off Vestry last May ... we even roped in Kairosian Sarah & her date as well as several other tables.

You even missed yet one more event MCed by Tom Walsh (Catherine & Zoe definitely messed up not promoting that [a dry whit, which our Deacon gave thanks at the retreat that after the sermon Tom didn't get a chance to say anything]).

Oh well ... I can guarantee I had a grander about 1000' to the east. I can also guarantee more money was raised via the mailer than the yard sale, RezBay and Pub Quiz combined, but no where near as much fun.