Monday, February 19, 2007

Words of Wisdom from Kendall Harmon

Preparing for the Communique

Kendall Harmon

This does not feel like a Communique to me, given the amount of time and struggle involved, it feels like a protracted negotiation. But before it comes out remember:

(1) There will be elements of surprise

(2) There will be things that people from a number of perspectives will not like

(3) There will be some initial impressions given quickly which will be amiss.

Let's try to evaluate the whole as a whole and also bounce our reactions and responses off each other instead of off the wall--KSH.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The comming is realigning.

1) noone really expects it

2) pagans won't like the realginment; Christians won't like the madate to take ECUSA down in secular courts

3) as with windsor, dromantine, and NOTTINGHAM (that everyone forgets) initial impressions are usually right.

In retrospect - every single meeting has been a victory for Christ. This meeting will be no different!