Friday, February 23, 2007

Time Out: Update on The Cousin

For those who have been following this other BabyBlue family drama, click here to hear NPR's recent interview with The Cousin. There've been a few developments. You can also read NPR's article on The Cousin here or listen here.


Kevin said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone that's read Baby Blue for a while know I have this thing about justice (I happen to be wearing my IJM "Seek Justice™" T-Shirt today). My favorite line is "the ethical way to do my job." A seeking a higher concept, a transcendence, a pointing to the Divine.

BTW kiddies, this is the 200 year anniversary of Wilberforce's bill to end slavery in England.

Justice! We all love to talk about God's mercy, but mercy makes no sense with out justice. Also mercy in the US context seems forget it works on punitive and is no excuse on fairness, like its so often used by Church today. Justice need to be truly JUST! Distributive as well as punitive and retributive.

It kind of reminds me of James Monroe fighting for the rights of slave to receive a fair and just trial after Oct. 1799 rebellion.

What did Jefferson warn us was the price of liberty?

May we never be content in our walk with the Lord or as good citizen on this nation.


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart and I saw "Amazing Grace" today, a not-too-wonderful film about Wilbeforce (of blessed memory). At one point during a Parliamentary debate over the abolition of the slave trade (not slavery per se, but the buying and selling of human souls) the Scottish MP stood to advise a gradual elimination of that vile bit of capitalist greed.

"We need time for reflection," quoth the Scot. So over the next few years, during a time of "reflection," how many Africans died in bondage? And how many non-African souls were damaged by this soul-destroying practice? It sounded (and still does) so very familiar.

"Justice delayed is justice denied."

Kevin said...

I'll be catching it next weekend.

I heard a neat one this weekend that kind of ties into the "Theo Girl" interview where she thought she'd like to ponder the un-natural divorce of Faith and Justice. As younger priested explained the one side doubting Scripture so putting all the emphasis on social justice and the recoil of those who held a high view of Scripture focusing on that (pity for then like Luther we have to down play James {& much of Matthew} - ironic). The latter focusing on the vertical and former on the horizontal.

Only in combination do we see a balance in a kind of cruciform.

BTW - this is not the usual suspect of a Bolivian ordained one might expect from me, but another of similar age, but operating separately - odd for the background are very different but making similar arguments.