Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tonight at the BabyBlueCafe: The Oscarfest Blogorama

8:01 p.m. Penguins head for the Oscars in a VW Bus.

Red Carpet Interviews are now underway. I remember watching the Red Carpet interviews one year when I was in London during the Oscars. No one really mentioned who won that year (I don't really remember), but three hours were spent the next morning on the London "chat shows" about what people are wearing. Really, it seems that it's more important what the women wear then who wins what.

Nicole Kidman is wearing a giant red flag. Can we read anything into that?

8:05 p.m. Jennifer Hudson is wearing something from Deep Space Nine.

Lots of bowties It's all about bowties.

The "Fashion Designer" for the Devil Wears Prada - that hair, that hair, oh my gosh, that hair. What color is that anyway?

Penelope Cruz is wearing an Ostrich.

Cameron Diaz, great dress, very classy - all white. Be interesting to put her next to Nicole Kidman in the Red Flag.

Cate Blanchet - major style. She gets the prize. The guy talking says that she always makes the right choices and it's true. Oh now, their talking about her playing Bob Dylan - which is true. She's playing Bob Dylan in his 'hipster" period in an upcoming film.

I guess the Oscars don't really start - well, when do they start?

There is Alfonso - the guy who directed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and has indicated he'd like to direct another HP film.

Kate Winslet - now that is a cool dress. And the color is very pretty - a mint great. But there's that flog thing again - we get a sense that after tonight the dresses could be used for flags or drapes. Winslet looks like she stepped out of the Roman Empire.

Here's Helen MIrren, who is the favorite (and my choice) for Best Actress. She looks quite regal tonight.

Well, it looks like the Red Carpet is now over. Whew.



Kevin said...

TEXT of email Code White (& Fluffy):

"Yes it is snowing, and yes we will meet for worship tonight, same as usual.
But please use common sense about transportation, and stay home if getting there is too tricky.

If you stay home, may I suggest a time of prayer and praise as a Lenten alternative to the Academy Awards?"


I'm sorry but seeing the Cafe tonight, I started laughing.

(Maybe I'm holding a grudge that ESA's Rosetta Mar flyby get mentioned anywhere(not too late for New Horizon's Jupiter fly-by in 51 hours ...)

May all your favorite receive their due honor.


Unknown said...

I think a lot of people are praying at the Academy Awards tonight ....