Sunday, February 18, 2007

News from inside the Primates Meeting: Truth will prevail

BB NOTE: Just received this e-mail from a friend inside the Primates Meeting in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania:

"This is a long battle and we are coming to the end of round one and I believe that we will finish well ... I am confident that the Lord will win this battle and truth will prevail .. But it will be costly ... stand firm ... "

BB NOTE: Have also learned more information about that the photo-op that didn't happen today. It was indeed planned for today after the services. It was to take place on the steps of the Cathedral in Zanzibar. All the primates got their numbers so they would sit in the right place, but when the president and the Archbishop of Canturbury left the serivce everything went crazy and no one ever came back up to escort the primates to their photo-op and so - it never happened. Needless to say, the ACC media-people were not pleased that they lost control.



Anonymous said...

BB, the email excerpt sounds less of a prediction that round one will be won but that in the end God will prevail in a victory that will be costly for all of us. Am I reading this wrong?

Anonymous said...

ten primates boycotted the eucharist.

the realignment happens tomorrow.

Unknown said...

The exact quote is that the writer believes that they will "finish well." But I think there is caution too not to expect everything to be accomplished in this one meeting. We must be reasonable. I would take that to mean that it's not a step backward but a step forward (hense, the song below!). This is a marathon, not a sprint. The source warns that it will be costly - I think that is a call to prayer.


Anonymous said...

Obviously from Martyn, yes? I would agree the CANA shenanigans have been costly to both sides and will continue to be so. This sounds more like a face saving statement than anything else. So confident on his way to Tanzania that this was the end of the road for the TEC.

At least we can all agree that "that the Lord will win this battle and truth will prevail."

Anonymous said...


the realignment happens tomorrow!

and the Christians have WON!

that victory will be costly;
Christ's victory was costly.

but the most important thing is
that we are free from heresy
free from apostacy
free from despair

free to follow Christ
in ways that the "revisionists" cannot even imagine

Chip Johnson+, SF, CoJ said...

The ACC minders lost control? Hmm, I don't even want to think about what happens to them.

Anonymous said...

Costly is being tied to a tree and disemboweled for the sake of the Gospel (Sudan). Costly is having your entire village burned and your children taken into slavery for the sake of the Gospel (Sudan). Costly is spending 25 years in the Laogai (Chinese labor camp) for the sake of the Gospel (China). Costly is being crushed to death with a steamroller for the sake of the Gospel (North Korea). Costly is having your arms cut off before you are slaughtered for the sake of the Gospel (Indonesia). Costly is being beheaded for the sake of the Gospel (Nigeria). Costly is being forced to drink scalding water for the sake of the Gospel (Laos). There are millions more examples, but you get my drift.

Kevin said...

Thank you Faith!

I was going to write the same thing, as our friend Fran is on search for a missing pastor. Are we REALLY willing to pay the price.

I ask this as I've seen TFC & Truro clergy take the easy road and even the CANA bishop favor personality and charisma over True Biblical justice (distributive) and bush off Biblical major while elevating minors. However it'd do me no good to being annoyed and moving down the street, for they have similar demographics as CANA!

We are so BLESSED that we are surprised when bad things happen to us. Meanwhile for others, life is hard and they are surprised (& deeply grateful) when good things happen to them. This next Friday (Feb 24) will make the 200 anniversary of the abolition of slavery in England, one Wilberforce fought and lost for 18 years until won, still five Apirils of blood in this country.

Yes Christ our Lord Jesus wins, but are we worthy, will we loose our life in order to save it.

In AMiA parish this week, it was Luke 17:20-37 (also Gen 19 & Psalm 82). Tough stuff ... are we willing like our brother & sister in this world, Sudan, Columbia, N. Korea, northern Nigeria?


Anonymous said...

I guess it's possible that Truth will prevail in Tanzania, but if it does, it will be by a very circuitous route. The latest news suggests an apparent defeat for Truth:

Monday, 19 February 2007
Schori triumphs in Dar as new Anglican queen

So far from being excluded from the Primates' Meeting in Dar es Salaam, I can break the news that TEC Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has been elected onto the all-important policy-making Joint Standing Committee. There will be much speculation about how this came about. It is obviously interesting to note that the administration of the Anglican Communion Office depends on funds from TEC. Balancing the books without TEC would not be possible. It is equally likely that Rowan Williams respects her, and that many of the Primates wanted to make a particular gesture of support after the opposition that has been expressed to her. A source close to what's happening in Dar es tells me that things will be "very rough" this afternoon. I am just wondering whether the TEC report, the election of Bishop Schori onto the standing committee and the apparent acquiesence of so many of the Global South Primates in what has been going on so far might perhaps indicate quite a tough, orthodox doctrinal line in the Anglican Covenant. I'll post the rest of the SC names in just a sec, when I've had a cup of tea, which I'll raise in a quiet toast at my desk in Wapping to Bishop Schori. While I find myself in fundamental disagreement with her on some, although not all, aspects of the doctrine she preaches, as a woman, I have no choice but to salute her. Watch out Rowan! Remember that Kipling poem, which Frieda Hughes wrote about in The Times last week: The female of the species is deadlier than the male... You have been warned!

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