Monday, February 05, 2007

Long Distance Dedication: To KJS

Read the interview in today's edition of USA Today here. And the world will like live as one, groovy man. Let's like trip to the divine, yeah and like chill. Just imagine, there's no heaven. And no religion too. Imagine all them people living for today (for there may be no tomorrow). Like farout man. we're there for you, just claiming the blessing and tripping to the divine.


Kevin said...

Awe, how sweet of you BB. I'm sure ++KJS will appreciate the thought.


It is amazing how atheistic often was the music of the 60's. It's interesting how secular music reveals the self transcendence and limits of our existence.

A friend had a study called "I found God in secular music." Meaning not just U2 and Bruce Cockburn who are known Christin artist that work in the secular, but bands like Nickelback who wrote the rude (sadly true of the mindset) song "Figured you out," but also Photograph or recently "If Everyone Cared," which touch on human existence beyond ourselves and can be used a launching pads for conversation life beyond ourselves {I don't mean MDG, but what in our self transcendence points to why we should care and not "he who dies w/ the most toys wins."}

Also songs like "Figured you out" or Everclear's "Wonderful" can be launching pads to talk about the brokenness of this world, not meaning AIDS in Africa (which is bad) but also in our home town as the doctrine of sin is self-evident.

It is so amazing how world apart much of the lyrics of today are to the Beatles and the late sixties psychology.


Tying back into the USA Today article, it's sad. It seems the culture is seeking but we're not there with answers. The harvest is ripe but the workers are few. ++KSJ seems to think the wheat will gather itself.

Anonymous said...

According to KJS "You are divine" baby blue. Thanks for the post.

"God became human in order that we may become divine. That's our task." KJS

Chris said...

Thanks for posting.

This is the summary of the Homeopathic Gospel:

"[It] is to talk about life, to claim the joy and the blessings for good that it offers, to look forward... God became human in order that we may become divine. That's our task."

If this is the case why did Christ do the whole crucification and resurrection thing? Why not just set up a charitable trust? That would have been much easier.

Anonymous said...

In a few weeks will Bob Dylan be serenading her?

"How does it feel
To be on your own?"

Kevin said...


Are we request now? Great!

I found this version of "Look before you leap."

Kind of combines BB's accusation of "New PB is practicing one of the most amazing media gymnastics yet to be seen on this side of the planet," with how well I personally think she's doing.

(You really have to love this woman, she really doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. She's probably our best ally in Tanzania, more than ++Akinloa, ++Orombi & ++Chen combined. Let's hope and pray she leap into a few more interviews in the next two weeks).

Anonymous said...

FWIW, BB fans, you might check out the following... particularly in light of the references to "children being thrown out of Sunday school" a few entries ago...,0,7032149.story?coll=hc-headlines-oped

Anonymous said...

Well, padre wayne, I guess it goes to show TEC can't bride people of conscience. These folks are willing to take a stand even at a cost, wow, other figures in history have done that as well, we tend to count them as heroes.

Anonymous said...

anonymous... Can I assume you meant "bribe"? I hardly see how providing scholarships can be considered a bribe. Your thinking is a little rough here, anon.

Anonymous said...

"Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers..."

Kevin said...

Padre Wayne,

I'm not sure what the point of your article supposed to be? That these people are so bad that they took a moral stand and didn't compromise their principles. It sort of sounds like these gifts are not so altruistic, that there is a price to these gifts. I've had moments in my life where I turned down "gifts" because the cost was too high.


Anonymous said...

I found this the most moving statement in the article:

But the Anglican Archbishop of Southern Africa has been quoted saying that to boycott a legitimately elected primate while "Africa is on fire … is like fiddling while Rome burns" and "goes against God's fundamental call for unity and reconciliation."

I'm a little worried we are forgetting what is happening all over Africa right now, be it Darfur or AIDS. I think we ignore Africa in this country and I can not figure out why .. . . So many people suffering and we are doing so little.

On a happier note did everyone see the great editorial in the Post on Harry Potter. Finally something we can all like that the Post wrote! : )

Anonymous said...

The scholarships did not come with any sort of ideological requirement. They were granted freely. They have now been refused because they are "tainted."

Jim Naughton, over at Daily Episcopalian, commented on this story: " Let's leave aside for the moment that there are probably very few dollars circulating in the global economy that haven't been touched by either gay or Episcopal hands at some point--no large scale donation from any source that doesn't include "tainted" money. Leave aside also the parable of the Good Samaritan, in which Jesus makes it clear that we don't get to choose the instrument through which God works his merciful purposes. Let's just look at the example of Jesus, who suffered for others, and compare it to the example of this bishop, who has others suffer for him."