Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mark Your Calendars for February 20th: The First Annual "CafeAnons Ball"

All right, it's not exactly the Yule Ball - but it seems to us here at the BabyBlueCafe that our anonymous posters need to be recognized (even though we have no idea who they are - you do). One can only take so many caps-locked exclamations and huffed & puffed indignation (as well as the humorous bits) before it's time to throw all cares aside and dance the night away. So in the honor of our very special CafeAnons (and you know who you are!), we will be hosting the first annual "CafeAnons Ball" on Shrove Tuesday. We will have a special fun music to dance the night away as you munch on your pancakes. Whether you are a Radical Dissident Anon or a Progressive Liberal Anon or a Quietly Passing-By Anon, or are just a Country Lawyer or Methodist Circuit Rider - whatever sort of anon you might be (and all anons are welcome here, except when we have to put them in The Clinic) - this is your night.

Bring your festive masks and an even temper and join in the fun - here at the BabyBlueCafe!

Tuesday, Feb. 20
The First Annual CafeAnons Ball

All are welcome. Beads and Tinfoil Hats are optional.



Anonymous said...

Eddo muses...bb, why do you huff and puff so? Upon finding your blog I thought there might be some interesting discussion about "news and analysis on the Episcopal Church...", but all you seem to throw out for discussion is mockery of anything the ECUSA does - or wears! - and of course, the exemplary virtues of the Nigerian church and its minions. You even mock the vestments the PB wears! Is that news, or analysis? or perhaps "the distracting noise of the world." Now you mock those that take the time to read your blog and participate, but don't leave their calling cards. What would it mean if they were to identify themselves? Not one iota. That's the very nature of the Internet. I can call myself the Cat in the Hat, or the Good Fairie, or Jesus himself. It's meaningless. As I'm discovering the bulk of this blog to be. Go crawl back under your cone of silence.

Anonymous said...

I would bet BB could say the same thing in reverse about Blogs on the other side of this issue. Let's not forget that at times emotional issues cause emotional responses. I have seen a lot of discussions on this Blog. And even if you disagree with BB and others who hang out here at Babyblueonline, they are still a very welcoming group. I for one am proud to associate with everyone here. While we may disagree on issues (and Eddo I'm probably more likely to agree with you theologically) let's not attack each other. Remember, we are all God's childrens and none of us is perfect or free from faults.

And as someone who knows and loves BB, let me tell you that she is an amazing and loving person. I could not ask for a better friend. She calls me out when she needs to but she has been there for me at the worst of times. How many friends do you have who would sit with their arms around you and let you sob???

Unknown said...

The Ball is for everyone! All are welcome! The pancakes though will be best served at home. Podcast coming! Stay tuned!


Kevin said...


Now there is a confession of identities going on over at Stand Firm also a discussion about eighties music. T19 has many with different names. Truth be know the first few post here I did Anonymously because it was the only way I could get it to work (I kept entering the "word verification" in "website" for other {now is it time that I confess I close to an IT degree? Kind of like the Midvale School for the Gifted. [*Blush*])

Anyways Eddo, you sign your name, your not a true Anon.

A while back we had two Anons, one was good natured with more liberal views and another I think a life long Episcopalian who was mad at GLTB & CANA groups. It was hard to tell them apart except by nature of the conversation. As things get close towards the Primates meeting, we're seeing it again as people share their option and engage but without a handle. It kind of confusing.

BB has a sense of humor, so this instead of being frustrated, I bet she thought of an idea of a masquerade ball.

It's a little levity in these days.

Speaking of eighties music:

The painted faces on the street
caricatures of long ago
oh they were young and oh so sweet
down beyond the boulevard
knock on doors and empty halls
and still sometimes remember
the masquerade's forever

(FYI Eddo - I still haven't figured out how to log-in, but I have a Gmail account, thus do it that way)

Bill said...

Since I live in icy New Hampshire, I can't be there -which is your loss- since on Shrove Tuesday I make the most awesome English pancakes outside of Yorkhire. Flip 'em and all.

Anyway, have a great time!

Anonymous said...

I shall be there anon!

*ducks rotten tomatoes*

The Progressive Liberal Anon

Anonymous said...

Eddo again...Kevin, this is relaxed!; mdlawlib, I've known bb since 1975 or there 'bouts-I suspect we've cried on each other's shoulders, too. I'm not talking about other blogs. I'm talking about this one. How do you invite, or encourage thoughtful discussion when one side is continually mocked and ridiculed by the moderator? The vestments(I wouldn't choose them myself, but then I'm not the PB), the legal tactics, the sermons, on and on. I suspect some vestments used in Africa would raise an eyebrow here; DioVA is not alone with a legal team; I'm sure sermons you hear are just as thought through and measured as the ones heard at Council. I guess the bottom line is I don't like old Star Trek episodes being used against me. Peace!

Kevin said...


RE:"I guess the bottom line is I don't like old Star Trek episodes being used against me."

I'm a little perplexed, I know the thing for George Lucas (Star Wars), which I don't think was play on words. There was a Star Trek Youtube on Dec. 29. Unsure of the nature of your anger, but if you click on Baby Blue's name and go to her profile, there a email address you can send her a comment, maybe get to the nature of the offense.

I didn't take her post as derogatory towards someone, but an allusion of how she's taking things. How actions or words are being received, not outgoing, the Age of Aquarius is how she's taking in the USA Today article.

Now, this is BB's forum to express herself, so us commentors should keep that in mind, but we've talked off line about posts before.

Still, she's reasonable, we've talked off line before. A 32 year relationship, you two should know each other well enough to get to the crux of what's the offense.

Peace and Blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

oh boy, Kevin, I take it all back; you have misunderstood me again. bb has caused me no offense. I love Star Trek; she reached into her hat and pulled out an old episode about the virus spreading when someone compared the goings on to a virus in the church - I guess that's the Youtube you mention. She was using something "of mine" to make her opposing point. Way too clever.

I'll back off, and leave the shenanigans to others. - Eddo

I'll get the hang of this blogging thing yet.

Kevin said...

My mistake then.

RE:"I'll get the hang of this blogging thing yet."

Yeah, well, I like the lower traffic volume, T19 is a intimidating for me with my dyslexia (I post in the corners over there).

No worries, as people post we'll learn the other's style to make up a little for the lack of non-verbals.

(Yeah, you do have to watch out, BB is creative to build on things).


Unknown said...

The CafeAnons Ball will be right here, at the BabyBlueCafe. Stay tuned for more info ...

Anonymous said...

Eddo - I just don't like old Star Trek episodes! : ) However, old Get Smart episodes I like a lot.

Unknown said...

I realize now who Eddo is and he is a cherished friend of old, a cherished friend.

Eddo, I appreciate so much that you drop by and I know that we have differences, signficant differences on some major issues. I don't suppose that all those years ago we would have ever imagined that we'd find ourselves Episcopalians - or that we would find ourselves in this place now.

I want you to know that If I have in any way caused you hurt, I hope you will forgive me. The Lord has shown us both so much kindness and mercy and I do not wish to ever forget that. You have shown me much kindness and mercy and I won't forget that either.

The online gathering on Shrove Tuesday is sincere. I hope you will drop by and say hello.


Anonymous said...

Save a dance for me!

Anonymous said...

BB's sense of humor, incl her ability to find just the right 'youtubes' for any occassion, are one of the main reasons I come here. T19 and StandFirm can get very heavy after a while. Here, I get a wry smile, a laugh, and even an occassional latte with my news. I love it!

by the way, the StarWars posting was my favorite . . . well, actually, it's tied with the tin hats routine -- I've got that one bookmarked!

keep it up, BB-
I'll see you at the Ball :)

ps - how's that Jimmy Buffet line go? something like: 'if we all couldn't laugh, we'd surely go insane'

Kevin said...


Okay, I admit it, my senor quote painted on the wall of HB Woodlawn is stolen from my childhood friend, Marion, "Life's Great If You Don't Take It Seriously." Oh may I own that quote in my own life!


(OK, this one is also stolen, out outside m window this evening ... "IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!")

Anonymous said...

It's 2 in the morning and it's still snowing. How beautiful and pure everything looks, at least until our private snow removal company comes by with the plow.

Eddo, please don't leave. Voices of dissent are always needed. If I recall my Hebrew Bible correctly all the prophets were very loud voices of dissent calling us out for our sins. And a lot of the time they were not exactly popular for it. But they were right!

As for the mocking, I always took that to be the Molly Ivins in BB. Not mocking really, just giving us her point of view with some wit thrown in .. . .

And as for the 60s, well, I have to say that it was not all bad. Let's recall that the fight for civil rights and to stop the war in Vietnam were led by religious leaders. I think ++KJS comes out of that religious tradition. I met a Rabbi on a stuck Metro train the other day and he is Rabbi Emeritus at his congregation and he now works for one of the civil rights groups in town. He is of ++KJS generation as well and I thnk their experiences in life probably bring them very close theologically and politically.

And as for the vestments, well Joseph had his multi-colored coat. And former Chief Justice Rehnquist, no liberal he, had a robe designed based I beleive on something he saw in an opera, so go figure.

And Eddo since you know BB you know that having significant differences with her does not effect your friendship. (I can attest to that one!)

Peace Out!!!!

Anonymous said...

To BabyBlue, Padre Wayne and all,

An “anonymous” removes her mask: I am J of The Lakeland Two. I donned the mask of anonymous recently because, quite frankly, I had unsuccessfully tried to sign up on e-blogger at least twice in the past. In attempting to post this I tried again, so I'm giving up on it.

Because my Dad was in the military and employment transfers, I’ve had the privilege of living across the US and Japan over my 48 years of life. This allowed me to see changes in the TEC that many won’t being in the same church year after year, especially if the priest thinks he’s protecting you or has his/her own agenda.

I am responsible for “anonymous” comments # 6, 14, 17, 19, 21 and 23 and not the remaining 6 on the thread “And your little dog too ...” Apparently, I missed the list of “pool” rules and since my keyboard does have caps lock and exclamation points, I probably missed more than that.

That I have offended at least one person and BabyBlue (it is her pool), I apologize and withdraw. My intention is never to hurt anyone, but am tired of being told how the TEC is wonderful and doing their job while ignoring Scripture and God’s authority at will.

I will spend Shrove Tuesday assuring my keyboard that I am not shopping for a a slimmed down version.

Unknown said...

No pool rules here - we're all Beat. ;-) All are welcome - my only caution is that BabyBlue's Pop drops by from time to time. He was a Boomer Captain and still knows where stuff is. But other than that, we are fairly tolerant here. Or at least we try to be.

We are sincere - we do want to celebrate all our CafeAnons who stop in. ;-) So get your dancing shoes ready for Shrove Tuesday!

We hope to have a "preview" up tonight. We may also have some pancake receipes as well in the days to come. We like ours plain with chocolate chips.

So Lakeland Two and all the other cafe patrons - you are always welcome here!