Saturday, February 17, 2007

New BabyBlueOnline Podcast: Interview with new blogger Theo Girl

The latest BabyBlueOnline podcast is now available for listening or downloading from iTunes.

This is our first online interview and our guest for this podcast is Theo Girl

You can listen to the podcast here or subscribe at iTunes (go to the iTunes Store, click on "podcasts" and then search for BabyBlueOnline to subscribe). You can download to your iPod from iTunes or listen online by clicking the link or the headline.

Topics covered include: Why did Theo Girl (who's identity is still under wraps) decide to join the world of blogging, what topics will she be covering, reflections on the media coverage of the Primates Meeting at Dar es Salaam, thoughts on the Oscar nominations for next week's Academy Awards, and the Dylan song choice of the week. Special tip of the TinFoil Hat if you can guess Dylan's backup band in the Song of the Week.

Thanks to Theo Girl for joining us here at the BabyBlueCafe!

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