Monday, February 19, 2007

Quote From Bishop Minns

Anglican Mainstream went to the Primates Press Conference and has this quote from Bishop Martyn Minns:

The Primates urge TEC and those congregations in property disputes with it to suspend all actions in law arising in this situation. Bishop Martin Minns of CANA has said “I am pleased that the Anglican Communion leadership has recognised the serious break in the Episcopal Church and that CANA and AMiA are valid expressions of Anglican life and need to be part of the solution. The Primates are saying that all legal action should stop. I hope so. The Presiding Bishop initiated the legal actions and she has signed on to a document that says she will.”


Anonymous said...

Given the past behavior of TEC, I am taking this with a real dose of skepticism whether it will play out as hoped. But none of that takes away my gratitude to those who worked so long and hard to bring this about. The seeds are here for a civilized separation of the conjoined twins. At least we shall know, by a date certain, whether TEC will, when given little other choice, do the right thing. Blessings to +Minns, ++Akinola, and all those who stood fast for the Lord!

Anonymous said...

But it was the Doicese of VA that initiated legal action, she climbed on board afterwards.

And she signed recommendations, she doesn't have to implement them. They are not tied to any deadline or consequence as other aspects of the comunique are.

And the comunique indicates that congregations should not alienate property from the TEC or deny access.

The thing I took away about CANA from the communique was that it was "difficult". I don't see where it says it is a valid expressions of Anglican life. Given that it was created in violation of Winsor, I'm not sure what to think.

Anonymous said...

I expect TEC leadership to continue their defiance to the will of the majority of the Anglican Communion. What will happpen then? We will see. In the meanwhile the fact that the primates advised that CANA and AMiA are, although "difficult", an acceptable method of meting the needs of the disaffected within TEC validtaes them within the Worldwide Anglican Communion. The primates would not tell the faithful that they should leave the AC. They have yet to dismiss the apostate, they certianly would not jetison those still fighting for the faith.