Monday, February 12, 2007

Dylan wins two Grammy Awards

In the middle of the DixieChickFest, Bob Dylan won two Grammy Awards. His latest album "Modern Times" won best contemporary folk/Americana album. His song "Someday Baby," won for solo rock vocal performance.

Here's the Grammy winning song:

Or watch the excellent (though way-too short) iPod commercial. If we have a clue about who is the topic of the song (and the person is not of this world if we are even half correct), then this commercial is typical of Dylan's humor.

In addition, Dylan's album, Modern Times was named Album of the Year by Rolling Stone Magazine.


Anonymous said...

After a road trip with Baby Blue my interest in Dylan was reignited. I just bought Modern Times two weeks ago. Love it.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah! Another one! ;-)


Kevin said...

Hmmm, 815 threatens you and all others, but the Lord allows this simple servant to get Grammies about a liberal cute set of "chicks," hmmmm, God must love BB as as his creations! (Dylan too), honestly I'm not sure who I should send my congrats, the artist God gave the ability, but whom I've never met, or BB who did little for the performance, but I do know ... winner is BB, who turned into fan girl when she least expected it, that seems the most humble. Actually glad for both artist I've not met yet and dear fan who I do know!!!!

Václav Patrik Šulik said...

Don't think twice...

it's all right