Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"This is my beloved - what?"

Okay, click on the headline above for a video of the TEC PB. And please, please - don't say the "Son" Word. And while you're at it - please don't say the "F" word either - Father. More to come - we'll attempt a PB-Blogathon on this video tonight. For now, we're ordering another chai. Wondering just what her "humorous response" will be, but we have John Cleese on standby.

By the way, she wants to fast but not from lawsuits.



Kevin said...

FWIW - my babbling review of 45 minutes then I gave up.

I'm impressed. She's blown it publicly so far that I didn't think she had it in her.

First ten minutes, I'd agree w/ 80% of what was said, 15% was questionable only 5% immediately reject-able. Basically a summery of the situation, not a lot of suppression. 10 to 15 minutes is the spin, where "deserters" are the trouble makers, the orientation is connected to gender (no surprise) and last few minutes was a pep talk. Ironically, she gave more appeals to God and Scripture reference than at her investiture.

Spin - non-violent resolution (civil rights or Gandhi appeal), so far I don't see need to continued appeals - unless she was referencing the vandalism at Truro [*wink*]. The audience is almost equally divided in gender and African-American & Caucasian (odd most males are African-American) with a few wide angle shot.

Again the appeal to 'Big Tent' theory -- 'Elizabethan compromise.'

Q&A (15+ minutes)

A lot of downplaying and calming while not saying something is wrong. I guess she wants to go to Lambeth so strategizing."Called to pause but not go backwards." However her most challenging questions seem to be from the LGBT calls, she has calming spin for orthodox questions. Lawsuit question was brushed off as premature to withdraw.

My take:

If you were not familiar with this situation, with a nominal Biblical knowledge, she'd made major persuasive points.

VERY political, I felt I was listening to Nancy Pulaski, +KSJ divided the AC & TEC was alluded into four categories, the party faithful of the other party framed as loyal opposition as Dem would paint the GOP or vice versa. Her party faithful and the middle into two category. She laid out her sales pitch to the middle while trying to calm her power base.

Kevin said...

A reread clarification - I should note I'm politically independent, but right of center, so may take is sort of similar of watching the party power transfer in Congress. My Pulaski reference is a respectful disagreement.

++Griswald was much easier for me to outright dismiss because he was too wishy-washy in speech (my unspoken comparison in my post).

Padre Wayne said...

Um... might I assume you mean Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman from California's 8th District and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives? Just making sure of your references before commenting...

Kevin said...

Yes Wayne ... [*Embarrassed, but slightly amused at myself*]

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

"The impatience we're now experiencing is an idol — a false hope that is unwilling to wait on God for clarity."
This is a quote from ap on KJS talk. I'm glad she sees that the impatience of the homosexual lobby to force their views on others is an idol and they are unwilling to wait on God for clarity. Anyway that is how I interpret what she said.