Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Preview! First Annual "CafeAnonsBall" on Feb. 20 (Shrove Tuesday) here at the BabyBlueCafe!

Click Here
for a Preview of the First Annual CafeAnonsBall on Shrove Tuesday,
Feb. 20!

We provide the music, you provide the pancakes right there at your keyboard.

Beads and Tinfoil hats optional.

All are welcome!


Anonymous said...

I'm crushed. I used to have a nom de poste, but, when I departed TEC, I took all of the admonitions on titus to heart and started posting under my true name. Does this mean I'm not invited to the party? May I come if I revert to my nom de poste?

Unknown said...

But of course! All are welcome!

(though we may not know what "l" stands for!) ;-)

bb, aka MaryA