Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice Storm Commeth

I live at the top of the hill and have been hearing the sounds of cars sliding off the road. They fly by and then crunch, they hit the last few street signs still left from the last snow storm we had. Actually, there are very few cars going by - it seems that most people are tucked safely in their warm homes, reading their Washington Post. Saw the funny headline found by T19: "HOUSE HEARING ON ‘WARMING OF THE PLANET’ CANCELED AFTER ICE STORM HEARING NOTICE." There goes a plow and a truck filled with salt. The wind is picking up, howling around the windows and I can see the ice laden branches of the trees bouncing and waving at the silly cars flying by. But the cat is sleeping on my feet and the kettle is on for tea. And we know where the candles are.


Kevin said...

I heard from Kevin Kallsen's video diary that's it in the 80's in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

I made it into work. I also live & work in one of the smallest cities of VA (2.5 mi²), so most roads were clear once I made it off my street.

Best wishes to those that live in the counties! (I used to work for contractor that pushed for VDOT, "we'll get to your cul-de-sac in a few days or so.")

Stay Safe!!!


Anonymous said...

You mean you didnt go into work today? In Minn-e-sow-tah a little snow like that doesnt even slow us down.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wish it was 3 inches of snow on my court instead of three inches of sleet. I can drive in the snow, but sleet is more like quicksand formations -- nothing for your tires to grab onto. Just a bunch of tiny ice balls all spinning around each other.

Kevin -- you are so right about the county's "we'll get to you in 3 or 4 days," lol! I tried shoveling out my street this afternoon, got pretty far, but that stuff is just do heavy! Snow. I like snow. You can work with snow. But this sleet stuff is incorrigible.

Unknown said...

There was a little window of time between when the temps went above freezing and then went back down. Went out to shovel out the car and these giant sheets of ice just fell off the car.

Yes, I know that Minnesotans are champions at this stuff. It's not my own driving that keeps me off the roads, it's everyone elses! When I was in college in New England I learned a few ways to drive in this stuff (not ice though), but the drivers here in this area - I still hear them flying by outside (and the spinning of the wheels -that's been another lovely sound effect from the Great Outdoors). It will be interesting to see how many street signs are left by tomorrow morning.

The wind is rather spooky though, howling about the windows - but the skies have cleared.


Anonymous said...

Never one to disagree with a priest but. . . .really Art+
I've been living in Minnesota for over 30 years now and still wonder at the shocking shortness of memory on the part of our drivers at the first snowfall of the year. It's like my late wife's family in Atlanta. 0.01" of flurries and federal disaster relief is urgently requested.

Now in the Middle-Atlantic area, it's sleet, ice, fog, freezing rain and, oh yeah, some snow mixed in.
Minnesotans are great on ice but only when wearing hockey skates, not behind a wheel.

Have to quit now, the MN Dept. of Tourism agents are here to smash my equipment and my fingers.