Friday, December 19, 2008

We have a final ruling

And it's very good news. The judge rules that all the property, except for a particular TFC endowment which can be litigated, the judge rules in favor of all the Virginia churches - including the historic Falls Church. A truly extraordinary blessing. To God be the glory.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!

RSchllnbrg said...

The Diocesan release which came out immediately with your announcement of a decision, has some terribly humorous turns of a phrase. I especially enjoyed the quote from the new bishop stating that "We will explore every option to ensure that faithful Episcopalians in Virginia are guarantee the right to worship as they please ..." I think it must be a misquote though, and the original was "as we please. And we are not much pleased ..."

Indeed I have a number of ways in which my congregation would be pleased to worship. I wonder if we have now officially been given a green light?

Oh well, as my old confessor at the Society of St. John used to say, "Things in the church never get better, they just get sillier." Have long thought that should be around a coat of arms, translated into Latin.

I suppose I could draw it up and suggest it at the next Diocesan Council meeting.

Kevin said...

When I saw this I was going to joke that would play up the one element in their favor ... but sure enough RSchllnbrg was correct ... opening sentence:

"The Fairfax County Circuit Court today affirmed that petitions filed by the CANA congregations do not include the endowment fund of The Falls Church (Episcopal) in Falls Church, Va. As a result, the endowment fund was not subject to the congregational vote and the following legal action taken by the CANA congregations seeking to take this property. [pre press release]"

So they "lose" big time but ingor that, we "won" something, lets play up on that.

Well, somehow I think CANA can let the endowment go, but it's very humorous, well Congrats, BB & CANA.

Anonymous said...


A great Christ-mass present.

-Katie from Georgia

Václav Patrik Šulik said...

Glory to God!