Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Steve Jobs at MacWorld Expo - uh oh ...

We're enough of an Apple geek to look forward to the annual presentation by Steve Jobs at the Macworld Expo. But he's not on the slate, for some reason. Stocks dropped. What's up, Steve?

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Anonymous said...

The question of the hour: Where's Steve? I know. Steve's on a slab in the Santa Clara County morgue!

Sigh. Health rumors again.

Could just be that some other companies were dropping Macworld like a plague-ridden rat this year. Could be that, according to everything I've heard, Macworld is, sadly, yesterday's news.

The fact of the matter is that Apple really doesn't need Macworld anymore. Think about it: Apple wants to run on its own timetable now, not that of a trade show. They're too innovative and too nimble to wait for somebody else's train to come in anymore. Say they come up with an iPhone-style tablet Mac (in my dreams) or a yummy touch keyboard (iPhone meets Star Trek TNG?) and they don't want to wait for months to sell it. Why, they just drop word that they've rented out some venue somewhere and that interested media should be there in seven days. Outcome: The event's a massive success and is full of media types and gets awestruck coverage. And Macworld is...what, exactly?

Don't cry for Good Mr. Jobs, bb. I'm sure he's doing fine. If anybody's happens to be on the critical list, it's Macworld. And it's been there for some time now.