Friday, December 05, 2008

Primates Council releases statement on the Province of the Anglican Church in North America

via e-mail. Primates of the GAFCON Primates’ Council meeting in London have issued the following statement about the Province of the Anglican Church in North America:
We welcome the news of the North American Anglican Province in formation. We fully support this development with our prayer and blessing, since it demonstrates the determination of these faithful Christians to remain authentic Anglicans.

North American Anglicans have been tragically divided since 2003 when activities condemned by the clear teaching of Scripture and the vast majority of the Anglican Communion were publicly endorsed. This has left many Anglicans without a proper spiritual home. The steps taken to form the new Province are a necessary initiative. A new Province will draw together in unity many of those who wish to remain faithful to the teaching of God’s Word, and also create the highest level of fellowship possible with the wider Anglican Communion.

Furthermore, it releases the energy of many Anglican Christians to be involved in mission, free from the difficulties of remaining in fellowship with those who have so clearly disregarded the Word of God.

6th December, 2008 AD
GAFCON Communications Office, Sydney


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to hear from THE leaders of true Anglicanism.

Lapinbizarre said...

Fun photograph, BB, but when was it taken?

Floridian said...

"Head of Orthodox Church in America expresses admiration and support for Anglicans who are realigning" (with a nice photo of the Metropolitan and Bishop Iker)

Looking forward to responses from other leaders.

BabyBlue said...

The photo was taken Wednesday night at Wheaton.


Lapinbizarre said...

Many thanks, BB. So Bishop Ackerman isn't lying too terribly low. It was his presence that had me wondering.

BabyBlue said...

I believe I saw the Bishop of Springfield there too - though he's behind some heads in this photo.

And there are other Episcopal bishops who were there in spirit as they have been quite supportive in other ways, pastorally transferring clergy who wish to leave their TEC dioceses and transfer into other Anglican entities such as CANA.

Bishop Schori is either looking the other way or has no idea being so caught up in litigating and deposing, she's not paying attention to what is right under her nose (and Archbishop Rowan Williams continues to recognize Bob Duncan as a bishop - that must be a major bummer), which I guess is why the Bishop of Los Angeles just went ahead and gave his official endorsement for public rites of same gender unions (marriages really, no one is fooled, of course) in Episcopal Churches in his diocese, the sponsoring diocese of next year's General Convention of The Episcopal Church. Haven't heard her releasing any statements denouncing that - have you'all?

As we say here at the Cafe, it's all over now, BabyBlue.