Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Former Episcopal Bishop Jeffrey Steenson ordained in Roman Catholic Church

Former Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Rio Grande has been ordained to the diaconate in the Roman Catholic Church. He was ordained December 13 in Rome. He is scheduled in February to be ordained into the priesthood in New Mexico. Former Episcopal Bishop John Lipscomb of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, is also a candidate for ordination in the Roman Catholic Church.

Tip of the tinfoil from the Thomas Moore Society.


Anonymous said...

I pray these two brave Bishops and Priests and all who go to Rome will be strengthened and made ready to battle afresh the forces of darkness. They are not leaving the battle or finding safe haven in a pristine and blameless, perfect or only true church.

The deceptions, hiddenness and duplicity of the enemy, the forces of agenda and political power-mongering, anti-christ, human willfulness, disoriented identity and desires are as present and at work in Roman Catholicism as in the Anglican branch but in catholicism they are subtle and covert.

May the Lord be their fortress and high tower, their rock and redeemer, their ark and safe harbor. Amen

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Deacon!

And Sibyl: AMEN!

Prayers for all.

-- Anonymous Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, brother in Christ,

Bill Cobb+