Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lambeth: Big We and Little We

The Saturday Afternoon Press Conference, with the bishops of Hong Kong and Louisiana. Watch the faces of the media - quite revealing.


RMBruton said...

BB, I've managed to find a way to view the videos on another page. I just watched the clip with Abp Aspinall, who I think butts-in way too much, and the bishops from LA and HK. The expressions on the faces of some of the media show fatigue at the thought that this nonsense can or should continue for three or more years. Some of us would like to see what direction this whole thing is going before being lowered into the ground. I just spoke with a Lutheran friend in Israel who has been watching some of these things from his perspective and the Christians he is in contact with in the Holy Land cannot understand why some Anglicans feel that they can harmonize homosexuality and Christianity. It would be nice if there was a kind of clock on the blogs, counting-down the seconds until Lambeth is over. I feel that Kevin has been very prophetic in calling this The Last Lambeth!

Connie said...

Incomprehensible that anyone thinks that the ACC can accomplish anything in 3 years, much less three decades, or that anyone does not comprehend the AC, as we have known it, is toast, done, finished, finito, kaput.