Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Time Out: A Pilgrimage of Another Sort

Walked down to Shepherd's Bush Station where I usually catch the Tube when I'm visiting my family in London to find the station - gone! Just wiped completely off the planet. Gone! How many years, how many times have I made the trek over to Shepherds Bush and now there was no trace of it at all.

I knew the London Bombers had blown up one of their bombs in a Shepherd Bush station (I think it was the other Shepherds Bush station, though), but I had no idea that the entire station was razed.

Well, it wasn't quite that dramatic. Turns out they are building Europe's Largest Shopping Mall (haven't they heard that Shopping Malls are out?) in Shepherds Bush and they dug up the old concert venue that was next door fir good measure as well. Seems they will build a brand new station instead. It's quite an undertaking and the traffic was unbelievable. So I started walking.

And walking. Walked all the way to the BBC Television Centre (always wondered exactly where it was) and caught the Tube at the White City Station. From there I went to another station, a rather famous station (and not just because the London Bombers blew that one up as well) - but one that is closer to the heart. It was good to go now because word on the street is that it will be also torn down in September for more construction. And it was worth it - a change a pace from a wildly paced week. And this one's for Rebecca, who first told me all about it.

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Albany Intercessor said...

Dear Baby Blue,
It was a joy to visit Platform 9 & 3/4 with you -- a welcome departure from Lambeth!