Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There is an Answer

Here Bob Dylan last week in Brooklyn singing his latest arrangement - a smokey and frolickin' version of his great classic. RWB calls it "joyous. Exhilaratingly so ..." As RWB writes "When he sings here that 'the answer is blowin’ in the wind,' it doesn’t mean that the answer is lost, is out of reach or is unknowable. In this way of hearing it, the refrain is instead a joyful proclamation. The answer is found." The answer IS blowing in the wind. Hear Dylan sing it just this way.

He does his bluesey talk-rap (he's not actually singing, you'll notice) and again, we get to hear his unique - and in this case rather playful - phrasing. He hasn't sounded like this much fun since I first popped in Not Dark Yet on the rusty CD player four years ago. And his harmonica at the end is just fabulous. There is an answer, my friends, he seems to say, there is an Answer indeed and it's just there, it's right there, just blowing in the wind.

May the Holy Spirit so fill our sails and set us on course to do the work He's called us to do.

And thanks so much RWB.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking up on it, glad you appreciate. I think Bob has been working towards this version of Blowin in the Wind for a while.