Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bishop O'Neill: No Negotiation

BabyBlue asks the Bishop of Colorado a question at a TEC press conference during the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England.


mousestalker said...

Some day I would truly like to be surprised by a bishop like Bishop O'Neill. I think we need to pray for him and his ilk.

Anonymous said...

+O'Neill may want to consider that truth cannot be reconciled to apostasy.

Anonymous said...

I bear considerable animosity towards this man, and make no apologies for it. He has despoiled the once prosperous and enlightened Diocese of Colorado. There is no use to rehearse all of the dismal events he has brought down on us. It is sufficient to cite as an example his vicious litigative and false criminal allegations to destroy Fr. Armstrong and St. Michael's, the largest TEC parish in the Diocese.

He is a liar. An earlier interview at Lambeth featured him baldly stating that lawsuits were initiated in all cases (!) by conservative parishes against their Dioceses. This has been widely reported, and is an absolute falsehood. This same man would have us believe that Armstrong's group was the ONLY parish departing from his "care." Again, a patent lie. What of all of the parishes in the West that have closed as their people left in revulsion over his antics? What of Holy Comforter in Broomfield,easily the largest TEC parish in the three counties? The entire vestry, staff and nearly all of the parishoners left. That just happened. Hey Robbie, you forgot these parishes? I can give you a lot more examples but why waste space?

Words cannot describe this man and his duplicitous conduct. Pray for him that he becomes a Christian and heals the huge wounds he has dealt to the Body of Christ in the Rocky Mountain West.

One Bennison is enough.