Saturday, August 30, 2008

BabyBluePodcast: Everything is Broken

Here is Dramatic Reading of a Particular Resolution proposed for General Convention 2009. Rather than address the real problem - that TEC is going in a way that thousands and thousands of Episcopal laity resist, as well as millions of Anglicans around the world reject - fully-entrenched TEC bureaucrats, such as the author of this particular proposal, are being openly challenged through the Episcopal laity’s power of the purse. And they are not amused.

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SPECIAL NOTE: If one has ever wondered (and some do) what Dylan's exegesis of Romans 3 might be, the song that provides the backdrop to this reading makes it all surprisingly clear - if we have ears to hear. And just in case we get a little too serious, it could even be a send-up to the Ray Stevens' classic Everything is Beautiful - which is all about the power of positive thinking. Typical Dylan.

By the way, here is his latest arrangement of the song. We posted it not long ago - it's terrific. Now that would make a great General Convention theme, don't you think?

LATER: Okay, that's it. We're putting it up:

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Anglican Beach Party said...

I think that is the only reasonable choice for a 2009 GC theme song!