Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mystery Science Theatre meets the Democratic National Convention

UPDATED! From here (and click on the Strategy Room on the menu bar).

Having grown up since childhood watching political conventions on television, this year's convention coverage is especially fun - and diverse. Since we're still Luddites when it comes to cable (we're waiting for digital), we're surfing through the net and discovered they are doing Mystery Science Theatre-style coverage over at Fox for Bill Clinton's speech. Click here (and scroll down to the live feed called the "Strategy Room") - or better yet, here (and click on Strategy Room) - join us!

We miss the robots, though.

UPDATE: Looks like one of the Fox commentators is wearing a tinfoil hat. Whoo hoo! And he does sort of look like a robot. Pies and popcorn are now being served. Help yourself to the chai and butterbeer and those of you who are over at the David Blue Memorial Pinball Machine -who is that, Ralph Nader and Bob Barr? - can we wait until Bill finishes his speech? Have a butterbeer on the house.

LATER: This is hard to stop watching. Here's another link to try here (and click on Strategy Room). We're watching Biden now. This is a bit like watching the convention at my house growing up. I still remember the Republican National Convention of 1976 when we had a group of teenagers in the room munching on popcorn and making silly comments. Say what you like but I still remember that convention, especially the "Beetle Lady" - an NBC reporter who was wearing this antenna thing on her head as she waded through the crowd on the floor looking for Governor Ronald Reagan who nearly took the nomination away from then-President Gerald Ford.


Anonymous said...

Dang the strategy room thing is not working for me

Unknown said...

I think this is a better link:


Unknown said...

Then Click on "Strategy Room" on the menu at the top of the screen.