Friday, August 01, 2008

Is Bishop Mathes playing a dangerous game?

Bishop Mathes of San Diego has put up a letter on his diocesan website that is now being picked up by the blogs that the Archbishop of the Southern Cone (who has received countless parishes and an entire Episcopal Diocese into his province) has allegedly apologized for the "incursions" into Bishop Mathes diocese. While it's possible they may have had breakfast and it's possible that Bishop Mathes wrote letters to Gregory Venables, what is absolutely clear is that Archbishop Venables is not apologizing for taking in Episcopal refugees into his province. He may not have the authority to control the flow of mail into South America, but he clearly knows which Episcopalians he takes in for refuge during this crisis and to whom he continues to offer pastoral care - even in San Diego. More later. Stay tuned.

PM UPDATE: Indeed, Archbishop Venables confirms that he apologized for not calling first, not for the "incursions" themselves. The Archbishop has posted at StandFirm here.


Anonymous said...

Here you go again whooping nothing into something. He apologized for not contacting him about visiting, not about taking "refugees" into his province. Slow news day BB?

Unknown said...

Actually, I think it had to do with the mail not being delivered to South America, not that he didn't contact him. But that is closer to the point then the way it's being spread around here. Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

Hope Venables is not waffling. Hills of the North has an interesting post up: Vacuum.

Anonymous said...

++Venables has posted that one should read exactly what he said. That is. he apologized for not notifying Mathes (sorry can't bring myself to consider him a +) about the incursions. He did not apologize about the incursions themselves.

Anonymous said...

When one weaves a tangled web and then has to expend all of the energy to keep it in place, when does one find time to pray?

This reminds me of a TEC political 'happening' instead of a meeting of bishops in order to find spiritual solutions. TEC is bound to become some sort of Anglican anachronism meeting within the trappings of the once great American church (like others that have gone Unitarian). Now it's just a matter of seeing how much damage the UK church has suffered from coming into direct contact with this nonsense and having a leader with much less brass than the U.S. P/B. While she manages lawsuits in progress back home, her freak show brings a bit of San Francisco to the ancient and once hallowed halls of Lambeth.

No wonder Islam is on the rise in UK (with the A/B being on-board with that as well).

Anonymous said...

Sad the real issue is been avoided by Mathes. He is hanging on to power instead of being like Christ and empowerig people. How about a return to scriptures. Scriptures untwisted by the theological gymnastics of the modern world, but the truth. I wonder if the bishop M actually reads them or some commentary about them.