Friday, August 29, 2008

I was in Manhattan that weekend ...

This weekend eleven years ago I remember the moment, of standing near the bar at Carmine's where we could see that a breaking news bulletin was interrupting the tennis match on the television screen hanging over the bar and so - in the midst of the clashing dishes and post-theatre revellers celebrating late into the summer night - we walked deeper into the bar and read the subtitle on the bottom of the dark screen: Princess Diana killed.


Anonymous said...

Would it be too callous to quote a friend who replied when told of the news: "sorry mom, I can't be upset, I never met her."

Anonymous said...

I was 9 years old when JFK was assasasinated. I remember vividly exactly where I was standing when I was told.

Likewise, when Princess Diana was killed, I remember precisely where I was when I learned of it. My husband and I were in a sports bar near Dallas where we had recently moved. I saw her picture (the really cute one where she is wearing a denim shirt), and wondered, with a slight sense of dread, what was being announced. Like BB, I moved closer to the TV, and was struck numb by the news.

She was not a saint, and had many faults, as do we all. but I still think of her when I read about or see photos of her sons, and mourn the fact that she is not here to enjoy their accomplishments and growth. She really loved her sons.

Anonymous said...

I was in London shortly after the death of Diana.
I was struck by the heavy scent of flowers that lined the
streets, walks, parks buildings. It was quite an experience!

Anonymous said...

I heard the news at 2-3 in the morning chatting round a table in a marquee in a garden in Kent with the bride, groom [they weren't going to leave their party early!], bridesmaids, and a few friends [I was best man]. We couldn't believe it.

Quite a lot died with her.