Friday, August 01, 2008

Mouneer Anis candidly speaks out on the Lambeth lawn

"Everywhere we go here, we meet gay and lesbian activists, receive their newsletters or read about their many events. Many seem to be supported by North American churches. They are intent to push their agenda on us. No other lobbying groups seem to enjoy similar access, or be able to have their literature prominently displayed all over the campus and at the entrance to every residence. They are determined that their way is the only right way and that everyone else should follow. They are not at all open to listening to us or the historic church teaching. Yet, it is surprising that they push all these sexuality issues so intensively into the conference and then blame us for talking about them too much!"

Mouneer Anis
August 1, 2008

Calling GAFCON a positive outcome, Anglican Archbishop and Global South leader, the Rt. Most Rev'd Mouneer Anis speaks out on Friday afternoon outside between sessions for the bishops gathered in Canterbury for the the Lambeth Conference, August 1, 2008. He also deals with some challenging questions and questioners as well.

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who was the fellow who looked like he was starting a fight?