Monday, August 04, 2008

Lambeth Podcast: Live from Canterbury

Here is our first LambethPodcast, live from Cafe Maria in downtown Canterbury, England. It features a surprise drop by from the Bishop of Los Angeles.

You can click on the player above or go to iTunes and download it to your iPod or computer by clicking here . The iTunes Podcast is called Lambeth Podcast. You can also click here or here.

NOTE: To download the latest version of QuickTime, click here. Also, Firefox or Safari work best. MS Internet Explorer belongs in the Smithsonian next to the TRS80.


RMBruton said...

Thank you for attending Lambeth and keeping us up-to-date on the goings-on and for your personal touch. It is almost like having one's own personal roving reporter. Enjoy your remaining time in London, you've earned it and travel safely.

Kevin said...

Very interesting, all the way around, from your chance encounter to learning about the unhappy Americans listening to ++Rowan's address. I must admit to being very curious why KSJ protested, I've read it and it seemed that they got away pretty unscathed, I guess the Americans wanted full approval or complete condemnation of GAFCON, but that's pretty selfishly not understanding ++Rowan's position. It was the address he had to give and it was VERY weak in my opinion, basically status quo from him with a few tid bits to make you think he's going to do something. The Americans should have given him enough slack to let him have that. Oh well, better for them to show their arrogance in a room full of bishops who could support GAFCON.

Anonymous said...

I have found something that you and I disagree on, BB. I'm using MSIE and it works fine for me. Maybe I belong in the Smithsonian as well? ;)