Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Someone get John Cleese on the phone!" Episcopal Church Blows off APO Request - dreams up "Primatial Vicar" to save the day

Let's see, as I remember it the September meeting fell apart, with all the parties not agreeing and walking into the night. The Old PB and the New PB went north, the ACC reps went east, the Network and Windsor reps went west and the whole deal went south.

Now suddenly the New PB has a new plan (click on headline above and see how very much it is The Old Plan). But no one who would be affected by the plan was actually at the meeting. This is like holding peace talks for the Palestinians and Israel and only the Palestinians show up. That's not a meeting, that's a rally.

So in the meantime, the New PB is practicing one of the most amazing media gymnastics yet to be seen on this side of the planet. The "ENS" press releases are turning into a circus - step right up, get your popcorn and cotton candy and see the big show!

Only no one is there.

NOTE: You gotta love the term "The Primatial Vicar." It sounds like something out of Monty Python. In fact, wasn't that a bit in Monty Python? Someone get Saturday Night Live on the phone. This is just too good to pass up.


Conrad said...

Someone please, bring me a shubbery!

Anonymous said...

RE: So in the meantime, the New PB is practicing one of the most amazing media gymnastics yet to be seen on this side of the planet.

I'm tired of this, just plain tired of it!

These blogs keep dragging in such a beautiful sport and connecting it ++KSJ and the Gospel into her agenda, like MDG. I know the MDG is hot thing currently, slightly related or at least made popular by the ONE Campaign, but seriously she like a level 8 competing next to the Elites. I mean combining gymnastics with Irish pop-rock has already been done by the "Belorussian Swan" and with a lot more style & grace [Check it Here].

What is it with these Revisionist trying to be SO COOL. +Chane may drum for the "Chane Gang," but I'm sorry I'm not impressed. When +Chane can keep up with Alexei Nemov & do a straight Kovacs, a picked Kovacs, not onenot two but THREE Katchevs, in a row! Then straight Gienger salto, I'm not impressed! [Check it out here].

Can YOU beleive the he only scored 9.762 at Athens? No wonder the crowd booed for half an hour. It didn't matter how much the layman stood for justice, that Judging was crooked.

There the whole Paul Hamm controversy, well regardless he did place in the medals, but how embarrassing to have that cloud over Gold or no Gold. Personally, I was real bummed that both he and Yang Wei blew it, I has so hoping for WC03 rematch -- 0.064 point difference, that was some good stuff, but no both blew it! Kind-of-glad on women's, Khorkina was being a little stuck up with that flag on the bars, did help her did it ...


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