Saturday, November 04, 2006

It looks like all the blogging I did this morning has been lost from blogspot

If you were able to catch the earlier blogging before it disappeared off blogspot, a tip of the tinfoil hat to you. It looks like it's all gone now. Never seen that happen before - though I was getting messages that blogspot was having trouble and "technicians had been called." Looks like all the "real live blogging" though was lost.

I can recall that I found the sermon unbelievable - a cross between unitarian godtalk and pagan earth worship. Jesus comes across as a good example, but not the Savior of the world. And our exile is out of Eden, not out of Epypt. And that we can make it back to Eden because of the christ-thingy. It was clear that when she said "christ" is was that "inner-spirit-light-force-earth-thingy."

And there was a lot of talk about the dream of god. I guess it's good that the blogging was lost to the post-Eden techno black hole. I nearly fell off my chair and through the plateglass window when the dancers with water jugs started to weave around the baptismal font to the ethereal spooky sounds/music and looking like vestal virgins being sacrificed to the goddess of the earth. It was creepy.

So no "dream within a dream" sermon-blogging. Perhaps we'll take a look at the printed sermon and recall the highlights as we sat in the Wisconsin Avenue Starbucks on a Saturday morning in November.


t19elves said...

All of the lost entries are still available in RSS readers. I can see them right now in bloglines.

Mary, I've e-mailed them to you.


Unknown said...

You are AWESOME!!!!