Saturday, November 04, 2006

Some Blogging Posts Recovered

With deep thanks to the amazing Elfgirl at T19, we have some of the original blogging during the Investiture service this morning (everything after the sermon).

All of the early stuff, the Processing of the Smugeons and the Earth Mother Sermon appear to have lost to the blackhole of cyberspace. Maybe it was those Smugeons. Where do Smugeons go when they are done Smugeoning?

JUST IN! THE AMAZING ELF-GIRL DOES THE IMPOSSIBLE: The Amazing Elf-Girl at T-19 has found BabyBlue's blogging of the new PB's sermon at the Investiture. Smugeons or no, she has waded through the fog of the deep dark blackhole of cyberspace and came up with what was lost and now is found. It does look like al the blogging has now been recovered. Wow.

So, we'll start off with the last post first:

November 4, 2006
Wisconsin Avenue Starbucks
Washington DC

TEC: The New "American Episcopal" Communion - The Not Yetness
Get the sense that there's a new "American Episcopal" version of a Communion on display this morning?

Just got back from getting a chai to be greeted by PB online. Kind of interesting to be sitting here with all these interesting people - some out sitting on the sidewalks, waving at friends going by, and others inside with strollers and laptops and teenagers chatting over their pumpkin bread.

Yes, it looks like we're emphasizing a "new" American Episcopal version of a Communion.

Engaging the Journey called Christianity. Following the "one we call the Christ." What I really want to understand is what she means be the word "Christ." Define Christ. Big C or Little c, what begins with c?

Our natural home is "in God." The great journey stories begin with leaving our home in EDEN! (I thought it was Egypt). Build a home that will draw all the nations to Mt. Zion. Thanksgiving feast on a mountain. A universal home building mission meant for all. AHHH!!! Jesus' inauguration and incarnation of the heavenly - - oh my goodness, the conscious presence of God. Oh help. Is she really saying this????

Here it is - she's saying it - Christ = Community. He's not a person, not a person of the Trinity. He's a thingy.

Go home. Build a home for everyone else on earth! Did she really say that?

Until all of our brothers and sisters have been welcomed home.

Rich multi-hued vision (you mean like her vestments?) everyone is invited to the seat of the groaning board. What is a groaning board? Every human being has the capacity to use every good gift that God has given. No one enjoys abundance at the expense at the other. Conscious Presence of God - there's that phrase again! AHHH!!! Conscious Presence of God.

RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL OF GOD'S CREATION _=- NO!!! It's right relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Why doesn't she say that? Jesus points - fulfilled in your hearing, it's something apart from Jesus. Affirm the place of all creation at home in God.

Global Peacemaking that makes a place and affirms a welcome to all of God's creature. That ministry invites ALL to FEAST until they are filled with God's abundance (so the Lords Table is no longer the Lord's by ALL ARE WELCOMED! ALL ARE FED. ALL ARE HEALED. What happened to discipleship, I wonder?

The NOT YETNESS????????

(BabyBlue slides off her stool and is now lying on the floor banging her head against the glass).

Concrete possibility to make this dream a reality - NO! It's not - it will not happen until Jesus returns. What is she saying? What is she preaching?

HERE IT COMES - the MDGs, it's all about MGDS.

Abundant Life is "achievable in our own day." Homecoming for all humanity.

Is this the brave new world????

posted by BabyBlue at 11:34 AM

What is that dancing and urethral-music (oops, we mean ethereal-music) thingy around the baptismal fount with the pitchers?

I'm sorry, but that is just a little creepy.
posted by BabyBlue at 12:09 PM

Part II - The New Episcopal Communion at a Cathedral Near You

Doesn't it look like they are trying to stick it to the Anglican Communion? Only this one comes with strange paganesque dancers with water jugs - and now they are doing Siyahamba like it's a Circus Act out of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas - wait, she was the Bishop of Nevada. Oh, I get it.
posted by BabyBlue at 12:13 PM

Don't the guys in the red stoles look a little out of place?
posted by BabyBlue at 12:17 PM

The first person Katharine hugs at the peace is, you guessed it - Barbara Harris
posted by BabyBlue at 12:18 PM

The Bishop of Lincoln steps in for Rowan Williams who is not there
Who is the Bishop of Lincoln?

Lukewarm applause. Hmmm ....

LATER: Here we go from the Living Church -

The choice of Bishop Saxbee, president of the Modern Churchpersons Union, observers note, was made as a mark of respect for the presiding bishop-elect, as the MCU is one of the Church of England’s leading progressive advocacy group.

More info on Modern Churchpersons Union here

Wow, more Circus music.
posted by BabyBlue at 12:23 PM

Heading up to National Cathedral
posted by BabyBlue at 12:42 PM


Anonymous said...

BB - Thanks SO much for your blogging today. Difficult work, but worth it to many of us. you are in my prayers
peace, Tina in Ambridge

Anonymous said...

Very mean of me, but re: "circus music" - she's obviously a clown. Sorry, but look at that get-up. And she's managed to make the miter into a cout-jester's hat...Bells and motley - playing the fool... Then there'e the swirling dancers -in green, gold and purple -Mardi Gras colors!!

Is this on purpose or by accident?

Anonymous said...

Acts 5:38-39