Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's a Smudger?

Click on the headline above for the PB Investiture at the National Cathedral.


Anonymous said...

Liturgically, it looks to be a very beautiful service.

Interesting to note is the omission of
"him" in the Great Thanksgiving.

Václav Patrik Šulik said...


Very interesting.

My first guess was a smudger was a US version of a bludger. Guess not. (who is the quaffle?)

Interesting oil bearers --
Prof. Azizah Y. al-Hibri, who teaches both Islamic Jurisprudence and Feminist Legal Theory.
Rabbi Myra Soifer of Temple Sinai, who's apparent claim to fame, from Google is supporting the decriminalization of marijuana in NV. I'd be interested in the rest of the list.

I wonder if there are any Orthodox representatives?

Unknown said...

Great response - it's a bludger. But where is the snitch?


Anonymous said...

I see they get right down to it with the hymn to Mother God. Or am I having hallucinations. Did I really read that? But after the smudging, I might very well be experiencing hallucinations.

Anonymous said...

judith - you did NOT read correctly. It's a hymn to the Mother OF God. Lady by the name of Mary, no known last name.

But it is interesting that the text is abridged so that that is not at all clear if you don't know the title. The full text is this:

In You, O Woman, Full of Grace,
the angelic choirs and the human race -
all creation rejoices! All creation rejoices!
O Sanctified Temple, Mystical Paradise and
Glory of Virgins, He, Who is our God, from
before all ages, took flesh from You and became
a child! He made Your womb a throne! A throne
greater than the heavens! In You, O Woman,
Full of Grace, In You, O Woman, Full of Grace,
all creation rejoices, all creation rejoices! All
praise be to You! All praise be to You! All
praise be to you!


Anonymous said...

It is an interesting abridgement:

In You, O Woman full of grace, the angelic choirs,
and the human race, all creation rejoices.
O sanctifi ed Temple, mystical Paradise, and glory of Virgins.
In You, O Woman full of grace, all creation rejoices.
All praise be to You.

Seems to be little edit here & another there, judith is seeing smudging.

Anonymous said...

I think it's just an excerpt. The Taverner setting probably uses a slightly different translation than the one I quoted.

The excerpt seems ideal for making radfems think they're worshipping a feminine deity, making Anglo-Catholics (affirming, natch, who else would be there) think everyone's venerating the Blessed Virgin, and leaving low church evangelicals utterly baffled.