Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Beers Letter: It just gets a little weirder

Fr. Cantrell has the letter and it only makes things stranger. Tinfoil hats are nearby, just in case. Click on the link above for Fr. Cantrell's comments.

Here is the "Beers Letter" in its entirety (see below).

Just where has the 815 Chancellor been? The Ft. Worth Constitution is here: Click Here, Mr. Beers.

The Beers Communication

Several persons have told me recently that they believe that your diocese, within the past few or several years, has amended its Constitution in some way that can be read as cutting against an "unqualified accession" to the Constitution and canons of the Episcopal Church. First of all, could you please send me a copy of your Constitution so that I can have first-hand knowledge on this score.

Second, if your diocese has indeed adopted such an amendment, then, on behalf of the Presiding Bishop, I want to express the hope that your diocese will promptly begin the process of amending its Constitution to declare clearly an "unqualified accession" as Article V of the Church's Constitution plainly requires. If your diocese should decline to take that step, the Presiding Bishop will have to consider what sort of action she must take in order to bring your diocese into compliance.

With warm regards,

David Booth Beers

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