Wednesday, November 15, 2006

BREAKING NEWS - Truro and The Falls Church Vestries recommend severing ties with The Episcopal Church -

"With great sadness and yet firm conviction we took this initial step toward our respective votes.”
-Tom Wilson, Senior Warden
The Falls Church

Fairfax, VA, Nov. 15 - In a congregational meeting Sunday afternoon, Nov 12, the Vestry of Truro Church, Fairfax, announced to their parish that they unanimously recommend that Truro should sever its ties to The Episcopal Church (TEC) and remain as full members of the Anglican Communion by joining the Anglican District of Virginia in the Convocation for Anglicans in North America (CANA).

On the following Monday, Nov. 13, the Vestry of The Falls Church, Falls Church, also voted to recommend that they sever their ties to the Episcopal Church and join the Anglican District of Virginia, CANA.

Both congregations will review the recommendations and vote on the final Vestry resolutions, starting on December 10.

The congregations are following a protocol, approved by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, which sets out a procedure for congregations considering whether to sever ties with The Episcopal Church.

“The meeting of the Truro vestry was prayerful and somber,” said Jim Oakes, Senior Warden Truro. “We shared prayers and tears as we voted to recommend to the Truro parish this course of action. It was an extraordinary meeting."

The Falls Church Senior Warden Tom Wilson agreed. “With great sadness and yet firm conviction we took this initial step toward our respective votes,” he said.

This action comes following a discernment period by two of the largest and oldest parishes in the Diocese of Virginia. “In that time we studied, reflected, prayed, and engaged in deep and significant conversations not only in the Vestry, but also with the congregation and with the diocese,” Mr. Oakes said. “It became clear to us that this was the best direction for us to recommend to the parish."

“We have witnessed firsthand how the Episcopal Church has separated itself from the historic Christian faith of the Anglican Communion over the last few decades,” said Mr. Wilson. “Both Truro and The Falls Church have had to come to grips with the direction TEC is moving. We are at an historic crossroads.”

Other Episcopal congregations are also preparing to vote, as the crisis in the Anglican Communion - precipitated by the recent actions of the TEC General Conventions in 2003 and 2006 - continues to deepen and divide. “It is clear that there is a division in the Episcopal Church,” said Mr. Oakes. “Our next step is for our congregations to pray and reflect on the Vestries’ recommendations as we continue to move forward.”

The congregational voting begins December 10.

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Anonymous said...

"I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year, 'Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.' He said to me, 'Put your hand in the hand of God and that shall be unto thee better than light and safer than known path.'" (King George IV of England)

Anonymous said...

Somehow it's of no great surprise that this was the decision, blessings on your journey.

By the way, is the Anglican District of Virginia Anglicans part of the Department of Redundancy Department?

Just askin' :-)

Karen B. said...

I thought I'd be relieved when we finally got to this point in the process. And I am on some level. Especially relieved at the unanimity of the Truro vestry vote -- that's very important to me and a big answer to prayer.

But the prevailing emotion right now is sadness. This DOES feel like a deathbed vigil. I really wish we weren't here right now. But I am confident the Lord will continue to be present among us in these days as we wait on Him, and that He will guide us as we seek His wisdom. Above all, may He give us hearts to obey His calling and to delight in His paths.

Anonymous said...

What you and I are mourning died years ago. TEC has been kept on life support for years in hopes of rousing it from a PMS. Time to face the facts, mourn an old friend, but move on.

Karen B. said...

ummmm. PMS or PVS?!?! Oh my that could win the "most-interesting Freudian slip of the year" award!! ROTFLOL!!!!

But yes, I agree. Having grown up in Newark and having despaired of ECUSA long ago, it's only because of faithful parishes like Truro that I've stayed in ECUSA as long as I have.

Anonymous said...

What is the source of this posting?

Karen B. said...

Anon, I'm sure BabyBlue will chime in and confirm for you, but the text is a press release from Truro and Falls Church which was sent out by e-mail this afternoon. BabyBlue is a Truro vestry member.

Truro now has a letter to its congregation posted online

Anonymous said...

Bishop Akinola. Help me here, please, another blog by an Episcopal priest, "Fr. Jake"

says that Bishop Akinola supports the imprisonment of homosexuals, even outside the church, and even if their sexual activity is private.

Father Jake then presents a news report from last year in which a person says that the southern Anglican churches are preparing a split with Canterbury, and thinking of installing Akinola as their spiritual leader.

Anything in all this?

Bruce Johnson